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This is a page on useful information and tips for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) on the Nintendo Switch. If you are just starting out in Link's Awakening or you are interested in learning this game's secrets, choose from the pages below!

Controls and Basic Techniques

Controls Header.jpg
Having a difficult time fighting a boss? You might want to review all of your moves to defeat monsters easier! If you are new to the game or series as a whole, you might want to check out our Controls and Basic Techniques Guide!

Controls and Basic Techniques

Easter Eggs and Secrets

Secret Easter Eggs.jpg
Intrested in learning more about the secrets of Koholint Island? Do you want to view secret cutscenes or maybe hear some of the hidden soundtrack? If so, see our section on Easter Eggs and Secrets!

Easter Eggs and Secrets Guide

Town Tool Shop and How to Steal

Stealing Town Tool Shop.jpg
Want to know what items are being sold on the biggest store in Koholint Island? Perhaps you are wondering about additional 'methods' of obtaining the items sold here... Either way, our Town Tool Shop Guide is for you!

Town Tool Shop Guide

Rupee Farming

Rupees Header.jpg
In need of Rupees to purchase expensive items from the town tool shop? if so, see our section on tips and techniques for farming Rupees!

Farming Rupees Guide

Hero Mode

Hero Mode Header.jpg
Are you ready to take on more difficult challenges? You might want to give Hero Mode a try!

What is Hero Mode?

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