Top 10 Upcoming Gacha Games | Keep Your Eyes Peeled and Your Wallets Open


The ever-growing popularity of gacha games have blessed us with scores of high-quality picks to sink our time (and money) in. Check out our ten picks for the most anticipated gacha game releases for the upcoming months.

Upcoming Mobile Games To Look Forward To

1. Wuthering Waves

From the developers of Punishing Gray Raven comes another highly-anticipated action RPG, Wuthering Waves. Unlike their other title, Wuthering Waves will put players into an open world for them to freely explore and, if the PGR experience still rings true, die repeatedly. Although the developers have been quiet in terms of revealing a specific release date for the game, players expect a release within the first half of 2024.

2. Girls' Frontline II: Exilium


If there were ever an award for a game that generates the most hype with just a few teasers and a trailer, Girls' Frontline II: Exilium would be among the top nominees. It will feature XCOM-like gameplay, decorated by visual designs inspired by the anime action RPG Code Vein. It will be released globally in early 2024.

Girls' Frontline II: Exilium Official Website

3. Arknights Endfield

Arknights Endfield is another highly-anticipated title, despite not even having an estimated release date. Being the successor of the ever-popular Arknights, a lot of people are expecting great things from Hypergryph's next installment of the series. It is an open-world action RPG with base-building elements that will be held in an unfamiliar planet; a formula that’s entirely different from its tower defense predecessor.

4. Duet Night Abyss

Duet Night Abyss is a fast-paced mix of action RPG and third-person shooter gameplay being developed by Hero Games. They are popularly known for working with Kuro Games to release the action mobile game Punishing Gray Raven. Like many of the games in this list, Duet Night Abyss does not have a release date planned as of this article’s publishing. However, the trailer shows enough trial gameplay to excite both the mobile gaming and even the Warframe community.

Duet Night Abyss Official Website

5. Zenless Zone Zero

Yes, that's right. HoYoverse will be following up their titanic 2023 success with yet another highly-anticipated release in Zenless Zone Zero. Although a specific release date is not yet known, many speculate that the game will have a global release within 2024. But how will it fare against Honkai: Star Rail or Genshin Impact? It doesn't matter, really, because everybody has already fallen in love with it before it has even been released.

Zenless Zone Zero Official Website

6. Project Mugen

One of the year's biggest gacha game reveal surprises was when Project Mugen's trailer came out. Everybody was stunned by the amount of freedom and realism the game shows despite being set in a congested urban environment, as well as its beautiful character models and high-quality animations. And although it's also another one of those games with no release date set yet, we are pretty sure that it will be released on the PC, PS5, PS4, and mobile.

7. Aster Tatariqus

It looks like a competitor for Fire Emblem Heroes will be arriving in Aster Tatariqus. It will feature the same top-down grid-based combat system as FEH, albeit with much more robust and complete combat animations. When will it be released? We have no idea. It has already launched on August 28, 2023 launch in Japan, but its English website still hasn't been updated with any news regarding that matter.

Aster Tatariqus Official Website

8. Project Star

From the creators of Counter:Side comes Project Star. Unfortunately, that's pretty much it. There's little information to go around regarding the game other than it seems to be a turn-based action game similar to Honkai: Star Rail. It may also be an SRPG, considering the developer's previous title. Regardless, Counter:Side is an amazing game, and so here’s hoping the creators can continue to bring that magic over to their new title. It's definitely worth keeping an eye out for any developments on Project Star, for sure.

Project Star Official Website

9. Calabiyau


Have you ever played Valorant and thought to yourself: "Man, if only this game was more anime. Oh, how I wish I could turn myself into a 2D model, too!" If so, then you're weird. But fret not, as Tencent has got your back with Calabiyau, a cross-platform mobile shooter where you’ll be able to play on either PC or mobile. Here, you'll get to enjoy the same joys as playing games like Valorant or CSGO, while also getting the opportunity to become a literal 2D waifu yourself. Unfortunately, it's only available in China right now and there's no news of a global release yet. However, considering this is published by Tencent, it's highly likely that a global release is on the horizon.

Calabiyau Official Website

10. Project Nornium

Finally, something that's pretty fresh for the genre. Project Nornium is a mobile RPG with space shooter combat/fighter reminiscent of games such as Touhou Sky Arena. It's a project by developer GG Games after an earlier cancellation of their other project, Aozora no Xipuria. And, honestly, Project Nornium just looks like a prettier version of the former. Regardless, since a lot of people looked forward to Aozora no Xipuria, Project Normium should be worth a follow too, especially with regards to a release date.

Project Nornium on TapTap

Mobile Gacha Games That Ended in 2023


As mobile games are born regularly, so too do they die by the scores. While some of them end their term with a bang after many years of service to a loving community, there are far more that fade in obscurity and disappear without anybody's notice. Here is a list of just some of the more notable mobile games that have kicked the bucket this 2023.

Princess Connect (Ended April 30, 2023)


2023 marks the end of one of the most popular mobile gacha games, Princess Connect! Re:Dive. The announcement of its end of service was met with a proportionally huge backlash as many fans of both the game and the franchise as a whole took to social media to voice (or type) their disdain. Regardless, Princess Connect! Re:Dive's plug was pulled on April 30, 2023.

Revived Witch (Ended May 7, 2023)


Yostar Games' Revived Witch had already been struggling since before the year started, with a rapidly dwindling player base and its inability to trend against its more popular competitors. Sure enough, the game's poor performance ultimately resulted in the game shutting down a few months later.

Other Notable Mentions


Several other mobile gacha games ended their service in 2023. These include:

  1. Exos Heroes (Ended on May 11, 2023)
  2. Girl Cafe Gun (Ended on May 26, 2023)
  3. Super String (Ended on March 28, 2023)
  4. Knights Chronicle (Ended on July 4, 2023)

Of course, this list would be much longer if we include games that have shut down in China, Japan, and Korea. The point is, treasure the games that you've invested time, effort, and money in. You'll never know when you won't be able to return to playing it again, so play them while you can.

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