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Spin Attack
This is a page for Controls and Basic Techniques in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see what each button does, as well as various combat techniques.


Controls - Link

Hold to run and perform a dash attack (Required Item: Pegasus Boots)
Shows the Map of the current dungeon or Koholint Island
Left Stick
Opens your inventory
Block enemy attacks (Required Item: Shield)
Use equipped inventory item
Use equipped inventory item
Horizontal slash (Required Item: Sword)
Confirm/ Lift objects (Required Item: Power Bracelet)

How to Equip Items

How to Equip Weapons.jpg
You can access your inventory by pressing the (+) Button on your controller/right JoyCon. From there you must select the item you want to equip by pressing Y or X depending on which button you want the item to be set to.


Sword Spin

Spin Attack.jpg
If you hold B button for a few seconds it will make Link hold his sword forward and charge up. Letting go will make Link do a spin attack, dealing additional damage. In many cases, this is the only way to damage a particular foe.

Shielded Dash

Shielded Dash.jpg
If you raise your shield before attempting to do the dash attack, Link will hold his shield while dashing. This is extremely useful when closing the gap against distant enemies.

Bomb Arrow

Bomb and Bow.jpg
If you equip both Bombs and the Bow on the Y and X button, pressing them the same time will allow link to fire an arrow with a bomb that explodes on contact.

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