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This is a guide on how to farm Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to collect rupees more efficiently to buy items and more!

What are Rupees?

Rupees are the only in-game currency used in Link's Awakening. They can be used to purchase items at the Town Tool Shop or play Mini-Games like the Fishing Pond or Rapids Ride. There are a few sections in the game where a large amount of rupees will be requied to progress, such as buying items like the Bow, Shovel, and for learning the Frog's Song of Soul.

Farming Rupees Guide

Rupees can be farmed in many different ways. They can be won from Mini-Games or just by simply playing the story. Here are a few ways to farm your Rupees most efficiently.

Trendy Game

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Purple Rupees
Grabbing the Purple Rupee will reward you with 50 Rupees. Upon exiting and entering Trendy Game, the Purple Rupee will respawn, allowing you to continuously fill up your wallet.

For a detailed walkthrough on Trendy Game, see the Trendy Game Mini-Game page below.

Trendy Game Mini-Game

Rapids Ride

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Rapids Race
Finishing under Rapids Race 30 seconds will reward you 300 Rupee. Since this only takes 30 seconds to complete, you can repeat this process in a short time to obtain a huge amount of rupees.
Rapids Ride Rupees.jpg
Rapids Raid
You can collect Flying Rupees worth 20 each that are scattered around the track when playing Rapids Raid.

For a detailed walkthrough on Rapids Ride, see the Rapids Ride Rewards page below.

Rapids Ride Rewards

Chamber Dungeon

Gold Level.jpg
Gold Level
Finishing any of the Gold Level Chamber Dungeon will guarantee 300 Rupees reward every time you finish. In addition, you get to keep rupees you earned throughout the dungeon.
Rupees Effect.jpg
+Rupees Effect
You can put the +Rupees effect on to a room to make it rain uprees for a short period of time on that specific room.

For a detailed walkthrough on Chamber Dungeon, see the Chamber Dungeon Rewards page below.

Chamber Dungeon Rewards

Cutting Grass and Enemies

Cutting Grass.jpg
Grass and Enemies
Cutting grass and enemies has a chance of dropping Rupees. You can also make cut grass respawn by moving the camera and returning. When cutting grass for rupees, the large patch of grass in Mabe Village is very useful. Fill up your hearts beforehand, and only rupees will drop from the grass.

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