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1 Anonymous04/07/2020 5:39 AMReport

This thread is for FF7 players who notice and love (not necessarily) weird little things in the game. Let us know what those things are!

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    25 Anonymous04/16/2020 1:48 AMReport

    Yeah, real-time just turns it into an action game, which is EXACTLY what the devs wanted. But no one really asked for that, right?

    26 Anonymous04/16/2020 1:49 AMReport

    Nope, not me. But you know, I do love watching other people play it in real-time. As long as they're good.

    27 Anonymous04/16/2020 1:50 AMReport

    Haha as long as they're good. Good one. I like the subtle changes to their costumes.

    28 Anonymous04/16/2020 1:50 AMReport

    Which are actually just the details they wanted there all along.

    29 Anonymous04/16/2020 9:26 PMReport

    Who doesnt want to be soldier? Wait I actually dont want to. Dont wanna get drugged with mako and get injected by an alien's cell.

    30 Anonymous04/16/2020 9:28 PMReport

    Its a good balance IMO. Game is slow enough to warrant strategizing but fast enough to be an action-y game.

    31 Anonymous04/16/2020 9:36 PMReport

    Same, I like how they updated their clothes for modern sensibilities. The older designs are very 90s

    32 Anonymous04/16/2020 9:52 PMReport

    Apparently Hollow was written to be from Cloud's perspective, which makes it feel a lot more meaningful

    33 Anonymous04/17/2020 5:03 AMReport

    Because it was the 90s and what is trendy now? 90s fashion. Fashion comes in waves yo.

    34 Anonymous04/20/2020 10:04 PMReport

    I appreciate how they managed to get the band back together for the FF7 Remake. Not a lot of remakes or remasters get to have most of the original staff working on it again

    35 Anonymous04/20/2020 10:07 PMReport

    I love how much more personality all the characters have. Especially Aerith! She's so sassy

    36 Anonymous04/20/2020 10:13 PMReport

    I dont know. I feel like i'm looking at vanille 2.0 and i really dont like vanille btw.

    37 Anonymous04/20/2020 10:56 PMReport

    Well that explains a lot I really liked Vanille lol

    38 Anonymous04/27/2020 11:22 PMReport

    Just loved how they made the stair scene better. Although I miss how tifa calls barret a retard in the og.

    39 Anonymous04/28/2020 10:25 PMReport

    Different appeals for the two games and I loved it both.

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