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This is a page about the different stats for characters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). Read on if you are having trouble understanding what each stat does and check out our explanations!

How to Read the Party Screen



On this screen you can see what weapons, armor, and accessories each of your characters have equipped, including their individual stats.

This is one of the first things you will see upon opening the Party Menu.

Individual Stats


Just below the equipment you will find all of your characters' stats as well as affinities and resistances.

Stat Effects

Stat Name Effect
Attack Affects damage dealt with swords, guns, and melee attacks. Changes based on your characters' Strength stat and equipment.
Magic Attack Affects damage dealt with magic or abilities.Also governs the amont of HP spells like Cure will restore. Changes based on your characters' Magic stat and equipment.
Defense Affects how much damage is taken from physical attacks. Changes based on your characters' Vitality stat and equipment.
Magic Defense Affects how much damage is taken from magic-based attacks. Changes based on your characters' Spirit stat and equipment.
Strength Increases physical attack power.
Magic Increases magical attack power.
Vitality Increases defense.
Spirit Increases magical defense.
Speed Increases the rate at which the ATB gauge fills over time.
Luck Increases chances of landing Critical Hits as well as the success rate of the Steal ability.



To the left of your characters' stats you will find their level, HP, MP, and EXP required to level up.



Pressing triangle.png from the main Party screen will show you a list of your characters' unique abilities, including their Limit Break.

How to Access the Party Menu

How to Open the Party Menu.png

Press the Options Button to open the Main Menu and scroll down to the Party option to see all of the above.

Gameplay Manual Links

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29 Anonymous3 days

I saw a materia that adda elemental properties to your weapon. It seems to add damage to your every attack by a small percentage. That bonus damage might scale with your character's stats.

28 Anonymous4 days

>>27 Certain characters have always been designed to do a specific task in the game. Not doing so will make the game harder to balance. By adding stat raising materia, you can make your characters more flexible allowing you to play them in a DIFFERENT role than they were designed for.

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