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This is the page on the character Amarant from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on to find out more about him, his abilities, and equipment!

Basic Information

Name Amarant Coral
Age 26
Weapon Type Claws
Ability Flair, Throw
Trance Elan

List of Amarant's Abilities


Name Effect MP AP
Aura Casts Auto-Life and Regen on one party member. 12 25
Chakra Recover 20% of HP and MP. 4 30
Countdown One opponent is afflicted by the Doom status. 16 40
Curse An opponent receives an added weakness. 12 20
Demi Shock An opponent suffers damage equivalent to 20% of their maximum HP. 20 50
No Mercy Causes Non-elemental damage to the enemy. 12 25
Revive Recover from KO. 20 35
Spare Change Causes Non-elemental damage to the enemy by using Gil. - 90


Name Effect Magic Stones AP
Ability Up Characters learn abilities faster. 3 80
Accuracy+ Raises physical attack accuracy. 2 30
Add Status Adds weapon's status effect (Add ST) when you Attack. 3 20
Alert Prevents back attacks. 4 30
Antibody Prevents Poison and Venom. 4 25
Auto-Float Automatically casts Float in battle. 6 35
Auto-Haste Automatically casts Haste in battle. 9 70
Auto-Life Automatically casts Life in battle. 12 140
Auto-Potion Automatically uses Potion when damaged. 3 30
Auto-Reflect Automatically casts Reflect in battle. 15 85
Auto-Regen Automatically casts Regen in battle. 10 35
Beast Killer Deals lethal damage to beasts. 4 10
Bird Killer Deals lethal damage to flying enemies. 3 10
Body Temp Prevents Freeze and Heat. 4 30
Bright Eyes Prevents Darkness. 4 25
Bug Killer Deals lethal damage to insects. 2 10
Clear Headed Prevents Confusion. 5 30
Counter Counter-attacks when physically attacked. 8 240
Cover You take damage in place of an ally. 6 90
Devil Killer Deals lethal damage to demons. 2 10
Eye 4 Eye Raises Counter activation rate. 5 50
Flee-Gil Receive Gil even when running from battle. 3 30
Gamble Defence Raises Defense occasionally. 1 35
Healer Restores target's HP. 2 40
High Tide Allows you to Trance faster. 8 60
HP+10% Increases HP by 10%. 4 10
HP+20% Increases HP by 20%. 8 40
Insomniac Prevents Sleep. 5 20
Jelly Prevents Petrify and Gradual Petrify. 4 15
Level Up Characters level up faster. 7 50
Locomotion Prevents Stop. 4 20
Long Reach Character can deal the same damage from the back row as if they were in the front row. 16 210
Man Eater Deals lethal damage to humans. 2 10
MP Attack Uses own MP to raise Attack Pwr. 5 60
Power Throw Raises the strength of Throw. 19 125
Power Up Raises the strength of Chakra. 3 30
Restore HP Restores HP automatically when Near Death. 8 75
Return Magic Returns magic used by enemy. 9 170
Stone Killer Deals lethal damage to stone enemies. 4 10
Undead Killer Deals lethal damage to undead enemies. 2 10


Amarant's Flair abilitiy becomes Elan and all of his skills now affect the entire party.

List of Equippable Weapons


Cat's Claws Poison Knuckles Mythril Claws
Scissor Fangs Dragon's Claws Tiger Fangs
Avenger Kaiser Knuckles Duel Claws
Rune Claws

List of Equippable Armor


Straw Hat Leather Hat Headgear
Bandana Ritual Hat Twist Headband
Mantra Band Dark Hat Green Beret
Red Hat Golden Hairpin Adaman Hat
Coronet Flash Hat Golden Skullcap


Pearl Armlet Jade Armlet Wrist
Leather Wrist Glass Armlet Bone Wrist
Mythril Armlet Egoist's Armlet Chimera Armlet
Thief Gloves N-Kai Armlet Dragon Wrist
Power Wrist Bracer

Light Armor

Leather Shirt Leather Plate Bronze Vest
Chain Plate Mythril Vest Adaman Vest
Survival Vest Brigandine Judo Uniform
Gaia Gear Power Vest Demon's Vest
Ninja Gear Dark Gear Brave Suit
Aloha T-shirt


Anklet Battle Boots Black Belt
Coral Ring Desert Boots Fairy Earrings
Feather Boots Germinas Boots Glass Buckle
Gold Choker Madain's Ring Magician Shoes
Power Belt Promist Ring Protect Ring
Pumice Pumice Piece Rebirth Ring
Reflect Ring Ribbon Rosetta Ring
Running Shoes Sandals Yellow Scarf

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