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This pages lists all Warp Point Locations (Portals) in The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see a Map of all of Warp Point Locations in Koholint that you can use to fast travel with.

Warp Points Map

Warp Point Map.pngEnlarge

Warp Points can be used to instantly travel around Koholint Island. Warp Points must first be discovered before they can be used. Some of them will be discovered as you progress through the story, but some are hidden and require a specific item.

Location on Map Warp Point
1 Ukuku Prairie
2 Dampe's Shack
3 Seashell Mansion
4 Tal Tal Heights
5 Animal Village
6 Martha's Bay
7 Manbo's Pond
8 Eastern Tal Tal Mountain
9 Western Tal Tal Mountain
10 Turtle Rock

Ukuku Prairie Warp Point

Warp - Ukuku Prairie.jpgEnlarge

The Ukuku Prairie Warp Point can be accessed as soon as you get the Power Bracelet in Bottle Grotto to remove the rock blocking the path just east of Mabe Village.

Dampe's Shack Warp Point

Warp - DampeEnlarge

The Dampe's Shack Warp Point can be accessed by lifting the rock lone rock north of Dampe's Shack.

Seashell Mansion Warp Point

Warp - Secret Seashell.jpgEnlarge

The Seashell Mansion Warp Point can be dug up with a shovel just east of Seashell Mansion

Tal Tal Heights Warp Point

Warp - Tal Tal Heights.jpgEnlarge

The Tal Tal Heights Warp Point can be found on the east side of the Angler's Tunnel Key Hole.

Animal Village Warp Point

Warp - Animal Village.jpgEnlarge

The Animal Village Warp Point can be found below Animal Village surrounded by water.

Martha's Bay Warp Point

Warp - MarthaEnlarge

The Martha's Bay Warp Point can be unlocked by lifting the lone stone between the trees.

Manbo's Pond Warp Point

Warp - ManboEnlarge

The Manbo's Pond will automatically be available for you to use once you learn Manbo's Mambo right after finishing Angler's Tunnel.

Eastern Tal Tal Mountain Warp Point

Warp - Eastern Tal Tal Heights.jpgEnlarge

The Eastern Tal Tal Mountain Warp Point can be dug up with the shovel.

Western Tal Tal Mountain Warp Point

Warp - Western Tal Tal Mountain.jpgEnlarge

The Western Tal Tal Mountain Warp Point can be accessed by lifting a stone covering it up.

Turtle Rock Warp Point

Warp - Turtle Rock.jpgEnlarge

The Turtle Rock Warp Point can be accessed by using the second exit on the second floor of the Turtle Rock Dungeon.

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