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This is a list of all Items and Equipment available in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. To learn more about where to find each item, click on its name from the list below!


Equipment are items that give Link additional abilities along his journey! They are usually used by equipping them to X or Y, or automatically eqipped after obtaining. They are found in various locations throughout Koholint, but they are often a key piece toward completing each dungeon!

SwordSword Koholint SwordKoholint Sword Red MailRed Mail Blue MailBlue Mail
Green TunicGreen Tunic ShieldShield Mirror ShieldMirror Shield Power BraceletPower Bracelet
Powerful BraceletPowerful Bracelet Pegasus BootsPegasus Boots RocRoc's Feather HookshotHookshot
Magic RodMagic Rod BoomerangBoomerang BowBow OcarinaOcarina
FlippersFlippers Seashell SensorSeashell Sensor ShovelShovel BombBomb
Magic PowderMagic Powder Fairy BottleFairy Bottle Empty BottleEmpty Bottle

List of Equipment


Keys are obtained between dungeons, and must be found in order to enter each dungeon. Usually you will face a mini-boss or complete some short quest in order to obtain them.

Tail KeyTail Key Slime KeySlime Key Angler KeyAngler Key Face KeyFace Key
Bird KeyBird Key

List of Keys

Dungeon Items

Dungeon items are found in every dungeon. They are essential to getting through the dungeon, finding all of the treasure chests, and defeating the Nightmare!

Nightmare KeyNightmare Key Small KeySmall Key CompassCompass MapMap
Stone BeakStone Beak

List of Dungeon Items

Instruments of the Sirens

Instruments of the Sirens are key story items that Link must recover in order to wake the Windfish! They are obtained at the end of each dungeon, after defeating the Nightmare.

Conch HornConch Horn Coral TriangleCoral Triangle Full Moon CelloFull Moon Cello Organ of Evening CalmOrgan of Evening Calm
Sea LilySea Lily's Bell Surf HarpSurf Harp Thunder DrumThunder Drum Wind MarimbaWind Marimba

Instruments of the Sirens

Trading Items

Trading Items are traded between Link and various NPCs throughout Koholint in a side quest known as the Trading Sequence. While only part of this quest is actually required to complete the game, obtaining all of these items and giving them to the right character will result in obtaining the Boomerang

Yoshi DollYoshi Doll BananaBanana BroomBroom Canned FoodCanned Food
Fishing HookFishing Hook HibiscusHibiscus HoneycombHoneycomb GoatGoat's Letter
Mermaid ScaleMermaid Scale NecklaceNecklace PineapplePineapple RibbonRibbon
StickStick Magnifying LensMagnifying Lens

List of Trading Items


Figures are items obtained as a prize from Trendy Game. After obtaining them, they can be displayed in various locations, and obtaining and then displaying all of them will net you a Chamber Stone.

Blooper FigureBlooper Figure Boo FigureBoo Figure BowWow FigureBowWow Figure Cheep Cheep FigureCheep Cheep Figure
CiaoCiao FigureCiaoCiao Figure Goomba FigureGoomba Figure Piranha Plant FigurePiranha Plant Figure Pokey FigurePokey Figure
Shy Guy FigureShy Guy Figure Spiny FigureSpiny Figure

List of Figures

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items are found in many places, and have varying uses. They can be found in specific locations, or they are dropped by an enemy.

AppleApple Chamber StoneChamber Stone Golden LeafGolden Leaf Green AppleGreen Apple
Guardian AcornGuardian Acorn Heart ContainerHeart Container Heavyweight LureHeavyweight Lure Middleweight LureMiddleweight Lure
Piece of HeartPiece of Heart Piece of PowerPiece of Power Secret MedicineSecret Medicine Secret SeashellSecret Seashell

List of Miscellaneous Items

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