Freya - Character Overview

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This is the page on the character Freya from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on to find out more about her, her abilities, and equipment!

Basic Information

Name Freya Crescent
Age 21
Weapon Type Spears
Ability Jump, Dragon
Trance Enhanced Jump

List of Freya's Abilities


Name Effect MP AP
Lancer Reduces the enemy's HP and MP. 10 20
Reis's Wind Grants Regen on all party members. 12 40
Dragon Breath This ability overcomes any defence. It does not neutralize the Sleep status. All opponents suffer damage equivalent to the HP they have lost so far. This ability is ideal for eliminating a group of opponents already injured. 78 205
White Draw Restores MP of all party members. 36 90
Luna Causes Berserk to all targets. 12 30
Six Dragons The HP and MP of all party members are randomly reduced to 1, completely restored or remain unchanged. 28 25
Cherry Blossom A non-elemental attack which inflicts damage increase by half on all opponents. Damage is reduced by Shell. The sleep status is not neutralized. 46 40
Dragon's Crest This ability does damage based on the amount of Dragon type enemies squared. E.g. 100 damage at 10 Dragons killed, 400 at 200 killed, and so on. 16 45


Name Effect Magic Stones AP
Ability Up Characters learn abilities faster. 3 65
Accuracy+ Raises physical attack accuracy. 2 30
Add Status Adds weapon's status effect (Add ST) when you Attack. 3 25
Antibody Prevents Poison and Venom. 4 15
Auto-Float Automatically casts Float in battle. 6 20
Auto-Haste Automatically casts Haste in battle. 9 75
Auto-Life Automatically casts Life in battle. 12 125
Auto-Potion Automatically uses Potion when damaged. 3 30
Auto-Reflect Automatically casts Reflect in battle. 15 95
Auto-Regen Automatically casts Regen in battle. 10 25
Beast Killer Deals lethal damage to beasts. 4 25
Bird Killer Deals lethal damage to flying enemies. 3 30
Body Temp Prevents Freeze and Heat. 4 20
Bright Eyes Prevents Darkness. 4 20
Bug Killer Deals lethal damage to insects. 2 25
Chemist Doubles the potency of medicinal items. 4 35
Clear Headed Prevents Confusion. 5 35
Counter Counter-attacks when physically attacked. 8 85
Cover You take damage in place of an ally. 6 30
Devil Killer Deals lethal damage to demons. 2 30
Distract Lowers enemy’s physical attack accuracy. 5 25
Dragon Killer Deals lethal damage to dragons. 3 70
Eye 4 Eye Raises Counter activation rate. 5 35
Gamble Defence Raises Defense occasionally. 1 20
High Jump Jump higher to raise jump attack power. 4 75
High Tide Allows you to Trance faster. 8 20
HP+10% Increases HP by 10%. 4 30
HP+20% Increases HP by 20%. 8 75
Initiative Raises the chance of first strike. 5 95
Insomniac Prevents Sleep. 5 30
Jelly Prevents Petrify and Gradual Petrify. 4 30
Level Up Characters level up faster. 7 40
Locomotion Prevents Stop. 4 25
Long Reach Character can deal the same damage from the back row as if they were in the front row. 16 210
Man Eater Deals lethal damage to humans. 2 20
MP Attack Uses own MP to raise Attack Pwr. 5 20
MP+10% Increases MP by 10%. 4 35
Restore HP Restores HP automatically when Near Death. 8 85
Stone Killer Deals lethal damage to stone enemies. 4 20
Undead Killer Deals lethal damage to undead enemies. 2 20


Freya's Jump command remains unchanged, however she will remain in the air dealing damage for the duration of her Trance.

List of Equippable Weapons


Javelin Mythril Spear Partisan
Ice Lance Trident Heavy Lance
Obelisk Holy Lance Kain's Lance
Dragon's Hair

List of Equippable Armor


Straw Hat


Rubber Helm Bronze Helm Iron Helm
Barbut Mythril Helm Gold Helm
Cross Helm Diamond Helm Platinum Helm
Kaiser Helm Genji Helmet Grand Helm


Pearl Armlet Dragon Wrist


Bronze Gloves Silver Gloves Mythril Gloves
Thunder Gloves Venetia Shield Diamond Gloves
Defence Gloves Genji Gloves Gauntlets

Light Armor

Minerva's Plate Rubber Suit Aloha T-shirt

Heavy Armor

Bronze Armor Linen Cuirass Chain Mail
Mythril Armor Plate Mail Gold Armor
Shield Armor Demon's Mail Diamond Armor
Platina Armor Carabini Mail Dragon Mail
Genji Armor Grand Armor


Ancient Aroma Angel Earrings Anklet
Barette Battle Boots Black Belt
Cachusha Coral Ring Desert Boots
Extension Fairy Earrings Feather Boots
Germinas Boots Glass Buckle Gold Choker
Madain's Ring Magician Shoes Maiden Prayer
Pearl Rouge Power Belt Promist Ring
Protect Ring Pumice Pumice Piece
Rebirth Ring Reflect Ring Ribbon
Rosetta Ring Running Shoes Sandals
Yellow Scarf

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