Tetra Master Tips and Strategies

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This is guide of tips and strategies for the Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9) card game, Tetra Master. Read on to find out some ways to improve your card game and become the Tetra Master!

Tetra Master Tips


While aiming for a single card may seem like the obvious thing to do, Tetra Master also offers a way to take over multiple cards at once through comboing. To initiate a combo, you must capture a card whose arrows are pointed in the direction of other cards. If you get lucky, you could take over the entire board!

Line your cards up just right to increase your combo chances!

Playing a Perfect Game

In a game of Tetra Master, capturing all of your opponent's cards is known as a perfect. Performing a perfect allows you to claim all 5 of your opponent's cards instead of just 1. While much of this is left up to chance, aim to take over the entire board if you can to get more strong cards!

Every card, yours for the taking.

Duplicating Cards

When a player loses a match and one of their cards is taken, the opponent will very likely use it again in a rematch. The upside to this is that even if the player wins their card back, the opponent does not lose said card and can continue to use it. Intentionally losing a strong card to an opponent and repeatedly winning it back allows the player to duplicate their strong cards and increase the strength of their deck.

Card Evolution

When winning a match, cards have a chance to increase their stats or change type from P or M to X or from X to A, though each card has a maximum stat limit that it can reach. Win games of Tetra Master and aim to power up your cards!

Tetra Master Strategies

More Arrows, Less Problems

Taking advantage of weak cards with as many arrows as possible and the combo system is a good way to increase your chances of winning. Having 4 weak cards with 1 strong and strategic card placement will allow you to take back any capture cards in a huge combo at the end of the match. Due to the randomness involved with card battles your chances of winning are not quite 100% but still very high.

Blocked Off Squares

In each match, some squres on the grid will be blocked off (or none at all) with a chance for entire free squres to be protected from some to all sides. Placing cards in these locations prevent them from being captured, giving you a leg up over your opponent.

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