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Aeos Research Institute Mission Event Banner

This is a guide on how to complete the Aeos Research Institute Mission event in Pokemon UNITE! Read on to learn the fastest way to complete the missions, what rewards you can get, and more!

Aeos Research Institute Mission Event Duration

Start July 21, 2021
End December 20, 2021

There is currently no official news on what will happen after the event ends. Whether they release a new set of challenges or something else is currently unconfirmed.

Aeos Research Institute Mission List of Rewards

Rewards Mission
Aeos Ticket 500 Aeos Tickets
Item Upgrade Kit 1 Item Enhancer
Obtain 5 Unite Licenses.
Aeos Ticket 1000 Aeos Tickets
Item Upgrade Kit 3 Item Enhancer
Obtain 7 Unite Licenses.
Aeos Ticket 1500 Aeos Tickets
Item Upgrade Kit 5 Item Enhancer
Obtain 10 Unite Licenses.
Aeos Coins 200 Aeos Coins
Fashion TIcket2 Fashion Tickets
Obtain 10 Trainer fashion items.
Aeos Coins.png 400 Aeos Coins
Fashion TIcket.png4 Fashion Tickets
Obtain 15 Trainer fashion items.
Aeos Ticket.png 30 Aeos Tickets Use 2 Aeos Coin Boost Cards.
Aeos Ticket.png 30 Aeos Tickets Use 2 Battle Point Boost Cards.

Tips on Completing Missions

No Need to Buy Unite Licenses

The mission requirement of obtaining Unite Licenses can be done without having to buy licenses from the shop. Instead, all you have to do is get them from either Daily Login Rewards or Trainer Level Rewards.

No Need to Buy Trainer Outfits

Similarly with the Unite Licenses, you don't need to buy fashion items from the shop to complete the mission. You can also earn outfits from Daily Login Rewards or from the Aeos Energy Rewards.

Buy 1 Day Boosters

Activating a 1 week booster still registers as using 1 booster. If you want to save up on Aeos Tickets but still complete the missions, make sure the buy the 1 day boosters!

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