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What is the Ultimate Materia?

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This is a page about the Ultimate Materia, a materia in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) DLC Intergrade. Read on to learn what the Ultimate Materia might be, where it might come from, and its connection with Yuffie.

What is the Ultimate Materia?

Possibly the Strongest Materia

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The Ultimate Materia may refer to the strongest materia in existence. It could be talking about the Ultima Materia, the strongest magic materia in the original FF7. Its effect was to deal massive non-elemental damage to every enemy while ignoring reflect. It could also refer to the strongest summon materia, which can be one of the stronger and rarer materia in the original game, like Phoenix, Odin, or Knights of the Round.

In the Hands of Shinra

Shinra Soldiers.png
With Shinra being the most powerful force on the planet, it wouldn't be surprised they may have the Ultimate Materia in their possession. It could be used against anyone trying to resist, or even just for research to develop even more devastating weapons. Whatever use they have for it, it probably isn't any good.

Yuffie's Mission in INTERmission

Breaking into Shinra.png
Whatever the Ultimate Materia may be, Yuffie or her higher-ups thinks it is worth infiltrating Midgar to steal it right under Shinra's nose. If Yuffie and Sonon can get their hands on the Ultimate Materia and bring it back to Wutai, then Wutai can use it to go against Shinra and bring back its former glory.

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