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This is a board for asking questions about FF7 Remake. If you are playing FF7 and getting stuck, or you are unsure what to do, try and ask someone here. It is very likely that someone has the answer you are looking for!

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354 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

Lol that'd be "no, not in the way you think for the original" and ATB gauge

353 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

no. The arb gadget exists but it's used solely to show when the characters turn is. This is, essentially, the live action version of it.

352 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Thanks! That Barret 3-C Soldier fight was tougher than Weiss for me. Lol

351 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Only thing i used it for was the solo barret vr fight on hard mode.... i used the sleep effect to crowd control some enemies (SOLDIER 3C). Might have used it for the king sahgain fight at yhe end of the corneo cache side quest for crowd control too.

350 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Has anyone found good use for Bad Breath or Berserk?

349 Anonymousalmost 4 yearsReport

Hi guys I just defeated Valkyrie on hard mode but I didn’t get the manuscript is this a glitch can I fix it without having to go through the chapter again

348 Anonymous@Game8about 4 yearsReport

If you complete the game and go to Chapter 17 with Chapter Select, you will be able to find Chadley near the start of the chapter and access all the VR missions with any three characters of your choice. Hope this helps!

347 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Ok dumb question perhaps but we just can't seem to figure out in which chapter Cloud Tifa and Aerith are all available to do the bahamut summon VR fight....Help please?

346 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport
345 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Where do i get all materia? Is it possible to get everything?

344 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

it's mostly square enix games like Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts. From the looks of it, it's enix exclusive games that use this kind of battle feature

343 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

ATB Gauge? Are there any other games using this battle feature?

342 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

just started with the remake, too.. i wonder about that!! i honestly don't like spending ATB gauge just to use an item =.=

341 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Why do we need to consume ATB Gauge for using an Item? Is this how it works in the original, sorry I don't know.. New pLAyer here.

340 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Of course, don't forget to Equip AP Up materia.

339 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Arena Battle is your Friend. If you want your AP high, go and do the hard mode.

338 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

multitasking can get you hIGH

337 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

how do i farm AP fast? anyone? of course, i already read the guide here. but maybe, someone has to say other things i can add.

336 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

I personally think multitasking and doing all quests is a GEM <3

335 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

i do both

334 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

unsure about ailments. but, pretty sure elemental resistance works here.

333 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Can I make my party immune to status ailments here? Like, how? Thanks.

332 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

I recommend you do these quests. Side quests (not only in this game) in general unlock special scene and discoveries and sometimes affect the main story.

331 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

what's the difference between odd jobs and discovery quests? is it good to do both while completing the story? or should i focus on the main story first?

330 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

6 levels. 5 in normal mode you get the 6th level in hard mode.

329 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Anyone remember when you would defeat superbosses and explore extremely hidden parts of the map juat foe the fun of it? Pepperidge farm does.

328 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Who actually likes collecting those? Its just an incentive devs used so people would examine the features and limit of their game. It takes away the adventure from RPGs.

327 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Up to how many levels can you upgrade your weapon? or it depends per weapon? Or is there a fixed upgrade limit?

326 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Anyone who likes collecting trophies?

325 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

There are 50 levels total. Clouds level oe your party in general should depend on the amount of things you did in the game.

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