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This is a board for asking questions about FF7 Remake. If you are playing FF7 and getting stuck, or you are unsure what to do, try and ask someone here. It is very likely that someone has the answer you are looking for!

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224 Anonymousabout 2 hoursReport


223 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>222 I believe some European countries as well. Yes, bro. They are damn lucky.

222 Anonymous3 daysReport

Is Australia the only place you can already get this?

221 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>220 Since they're adding more summons, maybe they can do a summon fusion? I saw the Chocobo summon with a moggle in its back (altho that is also in the original) maybe there can exist a summon fusion? Just kidding sounds stupid now that I read what I wrote.

220 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>219 Support materia is definitely obvious as shown in some of the vids already. Linking magic materias to element add materias to imbue elemental damage to weapons. Might be useful for characters that attack fast if the damage bonus is flat.

219 Anonymous3 daysReport

I heard that materia linking and materia combinations still exist so lets go theory time. Can anyone imagine cool materia combos for the remake?

218 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>217 Please remember that a lot of people are also refraining to get the game because its only part 1. Salute to those guys who has the self conteol to wait for the latter parts to come out.

217 Anonymous3 daysReport

Those numbers are pretty high but I believe those numbers are possible. For comparison, a shitty but well promoted game like ff 15 got 8.4 million copies.

216 Anonymous3 daysReport

Well, its not just about RPG players anymore. Its an action rpg so action loving players will also buy the game. The hype will also attract curious players so im guessing around 70 to 90 million copies just for part 1.

215 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>214 Im guessing almost all those people would but again. Those pople could have been able to have a good life so buying multiple copies will be easy fir the most die hard fans. And some correction for you. The numbers are right except change the billion to millions. Also a guess to your question would be around 50 since not all people are RPG fans.

214 Anonymous3 daysReport

The original managed to sell 11 billion copies ( with a much lower world population). Its guide book sold 1.5 billion copies. Now I wonder how many copies the remake will sell.

213 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>211 I'm pretty sure you're just high man. They cant even charge people right for their games so how can they make a vaccine.

212 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>203 Fromwhat I checked, it sèems square is taking action against prople streaming the game. Streameŕs of ff7 immediately gets shut down after a few mins of streaming.

211 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>208 i even heard news that they're trying to develop a corona virus cure i dont even know whats going on anymore

210 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>204 they should really ban it.. square must have already considered the consequence. as soon as this spreads and do nothing about it, it'll trigger the fans..

209 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>208 i wouldn't want to buy anything from a store like dat

208 Anonymous4 daysReport

I heard gamestop is specially cruel to their staff and treats their business as essential retail so they're still open (last I heard atleast)

207 Anonymous4 daysReport

Does anyone have any idea what game stores are still open amidst the corona outbreak? Thinking about where I should get my copy.

205 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>203 I really feel that's unfair. Why do they get to play the game earlier than the rest of us :/

204 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>203 Wait what? I think it's only a bannable offense if Square Enix tells Twitch. Which they absolutely have to

203 Anonymous4 daysReport

Streaming the game when it's not officially released really sucks. Shouldn't Twitch ban users who stream a game before release?

202 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>197 Ever heard of the internet and using google?

201 Anonymous5 daysReport

What's your thoughts on this being episodic?

200 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>199 Maybe, but most probably but you wouldn't able to control them.

199 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>198 I hope they're more involved in the story. Even just as guest characters.

198 Anonymous5 daysReport

Any chance Jessie, Biggs and Wedge will be playable characters?

197 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>190 Woah! How did you know? Tell meeee

196 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>194 It's not really a big deal, but Cloud's is on his back and Tifa has her knuckles. Hmm. Now, I'm curious too

195 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>194 She do magic, she make them disappear and appear.

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