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This is the page on the character Zidane from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on to find out more about him, his abilities, and equipment!

Basic Information

Name Zidane Tribal
Age 16
Weapon Type Daggers
Ability Skill
Trance Dyne

List of Zidane's Abilities


Name Effect MP AP
Flee If you use this ability, there's a 100% probability that your party will escape from battle (except for boss battles). In doing so, you will lose Gil equivalent to 10% of the money held by your opponent. - 40
Detect Items that can be obtained by using the Steal command are displayed. The item hardest to Steal is listed first. - 40
What's that!? Allows back attack. 2 40
Soul Blade Draws out the hidden power in thief swords. 6 35
Annoy Inflicts the Trouble status on the target. 4 50
Sacrifice Sacrifice yourself to restore HP and MP to the other party members. 32 55
Lucky Seven Deal physical damage by luck. 6 85
Thievery Deal physical damage to the target. 8 100


Name Effect Magic Stones AP
Ability Up Characters learn abilities faster. 3 95
Accuracy+ Raises physical attack accuracy. 2 30
Add Status Adds weapon's status effect (Add ST) when you Attack. 3 35
Alert Prevents back attacks. 4 40
Antibody Prevents Poison and Venom. 4 20
Auto-Float Automatically casts Float in battle. 6 20
Auto-Haste Automatically casts Haste in battle. 9 55
Auto-Life Automatically casts Life in battle. 12 130
Auto-Reflect Automatically casts Reflect in battle. 15 95
Auto-Regen Automatically casts Regen in battle. 10 25
Bandit Raises success rate of Steal. 5 40
Beast Killer Deals lethal damage to beasts. 4 30
Bird Killer Deals lethal damage to flying enemies. 3 20
Body Temp Prevents Freeze and Heat. 4 25
Bright Eyes Prevents Darkness. 4 35
Bug Killer Deals lethal damage to insects. 2 35
Clear Headed Prevents Confusion. 5 25
Counter Counter-attacks when physically attacked. 8 70
Devil Killer Deals lethal damage to demons. 2 25
Distract Lowers enemy’s physical attack accuracy. 5 30
Eye 4 Eye Raises Counter activation rate. 5 60
Flee-Gil Receive Gil even when running from battle. 3 45
Gamble Defence Raises Defense occasionally. 1 20
High Tide Allows you to Trance faster. 8 35
HP+20% Increases HP by 20%. 8 40
Insomniac Prevents Sleep. 5 30
Jelly Prevents Petrify and Gradual Petrify. 4 35
Level Up Characters level up faster. 7 75
Locomotion Prevents Stop. 4 30
Long Reach Character can deal the same damage from the back row as if they were in the front row. 16 170
Man Eater Deals lethal damage to humans. 2 25
Master Thief Steal better items. 5 50
MP Attack Uses own MP to raise Attack Pwr. 5 45
Mug Damages enemy when you Steal. 3 65
Protect Girls You take damage in place of a girl. 4 35
Restore HP Restores HP automatically when Near Death. 8 85
Steal Gil Steal Gil along with items. 5 40
Stone Killer Deals lethal damage to stone enemies. 4 30
Undead Killer Deals lethal damage to undead enemies. 2 45


Zidane's Skill command turns into Dyne, changing all of his abilities into high damage dealing attacks.

Name Effect MP
Free Energy - 10
Tidal Flame - 12
Scoop Art - 14
Shift Break - 16
Stellar Circle 5 - 24
Meo Twister - 32
Solution 9 - 48
Grand Lethal - 60

List of Equippable Weapons


Dagger Mage Masher Mythril Dagger
Butterfly Sword The Ogre Gladius
Exploda Rune Tooth Angel Bless
Sargatanas Masamune Orihalcon
The Tower Ultima Weapon

List of Equippable Armor


Straw Hat Leather Hat Headgear
Feather Hat Steepled Hat Magus Hat
Bandana Mage's Hat Ritual Hat
Twist Headband Lamia's Tiara Mantra Band
Dark Hat Green Beret Red Hat
Black Hood Golden Hairpin Adaman Hat
Coronet Flash Hat Thief Hat
Holy Mitre Golden Skullcap Circlet


Pearl Armlet Jade Armlet Wrist
Leather Wrist Glass Armlet Bone Wrist
Mythril Armlet Egoist's Armlet Chimera Armlet
Thief Gloves N-Kai Armlet Dragon Wrist
Power Wrist Bracer

Light Armor

Leather Shirt Silk Shirt Leather Plate
Bronze Vest Chain Plate Mythril Vest
Adaman Vest Survival Vest Brigandine
Judo Uniform Gaia Gear Power Vest
Demon's Vest Ninja Gear Dark Gear
Brave Suit Aloha T-shirt


Battle Boots Black Belt Coral Ring
Desert Boots Fairy Earrings Feather Boots
Germinas Boots Glass Buckle Gold Choker
Madain's Ring Magician Shoes Power Belt
Promist Ring Protect Ring Pumice
Pumice Piece Rebirth Ring Reflect Ring
Ribbon Rosetta Ring Running Shoes
Sandals Yellow Scarf

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