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This is a guide on how to defeat the Fallen Snowman Powerful Shadow in Shibuya Jail. Read on to find out its weaknesses, strengths, and the best characters to put in your party to defeat it!

Fallen Snowman Basic Info

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Name Fallen Snowman
Difficulty ★★★★☆

The Shadow you'll have to take out to complete the request Halt the Strutting Little Imp.

Fallen Snowman Location

World View Map View
Fallen Snowman can be found at the very first intersection you encounter in Shibuya Jail.

Fallen Snowman Pre-Battle Guide


Weak Against
Bless Affinity.png

Best Characters for Party

sophia.pngSophia anne.pngAnn makoto.pngMakoto

Apart from Sophia, you can swap everyone else with another chracter. The important thing is that you at least have one other healer in the party.

Fallen Snowman Battle Guide

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Fallen Snowman has a lot of attacks that tracks you around the battlefield. If you get caught in its attacks, it will take away 3/4 of your health. In cases where it throws giant balls of energy at you, try and make use of the buses in the arena to block them.

Persona Use

Equip Joker with Bless attacks and alternate between him and Sophia. Have everyone else be in reserve for healing while also taking small bits of the snowman's health through melee attacks.

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