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This is a guide for the request Trapped in a Wonderland in Persona 5 Strikers. Read on to find out where to find the mysteriously hidden Desire!

Trapped in Wonderland Request Info

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Request Giver Morgana
Date 8/8
Reward More Shop Accessories Available
Request Description
I'm picking up a Desire in Shibuya! A smelly underground area...A place with a bunch of small rooms lined up. Know a spot like that? Maybe we can track down that Desire!
Head to the Shibuya Station: West Exit checkpoint and get into the Underground Waterway. Explore the area until you get to the sluices that bring water down into the sewers. A floating cube will be in one of them. Collect it to end the Request.
Missable? No
Repeatable No

Trapped in Wonderland Request Walkthrough

Map View
No. Guide
Fast Travel to Shibuya Station: West Exit and enter the Underground Waterway.
Head towards the leftmost portion of the map.
There, you'll find sluices you can climb. Climb up the leftmost sluice to get the Desire.

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