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Trapped in a Frozen Hell Request (Side Quest) Walkthrough

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This is a guide for the request Trapped in a Frozen Hell in Persona 5 Strikers. Read on to find out where to find the mysteriously hidden Desire!

Trapped in a Frozen Hell Request Info

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Request Giver Morgana
Date 8/17
Reward Unlocks level cap for BOND Skill.
Request Description
Sniff sniff I found a Desire! I bet it's one that didn't get returned to its owner yet somehow. It's in an area with nice, clean air...and with a lot of trees around. Let's go track it down!
You'll find the Forgotten Desire around the Arboretum in Sapporo Jail.
Missable? No
Repeatable No

Trapped in a Frozen Hell Request Walkthrough

Map View
No. Guide
Enter Sapporo Jail.
Go and fast travel to Arboretum. Once there, you'll find yourself on top of a hill near where you take a snowboard down the slope. Turn around and head down and go through the church.
Head down the path. At the far end of this path, just beside the wall, you'll find the floating cube containing the Desire.

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