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This is the story walkthrough for the Osaka Jail in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, maps of each featured location, boss strategies, and a list of items that can be found.

Osaka Jail Maps

List of Maps
Osaka Jail Shinsekai.jpgEnlarge Shinsekai Osaka Jail Juoji Zoo.jpgEnlarge Juoji Zoo
Osaka Jail Mt. Chashiro.jpgEnlarge Mt. Chashiro Osaka Jail Shipping Railway Area.jpgEnlarge Shipping Railway Area
Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge Albeno R's Mall Osaka Jail Juoji Station.jpgEnlarge Juoji Station
Osaka Jail Abeno Haretas.jpgEnlarge Abeno Haretas Osaka Jail Prison.jpgEnlarge Prison
Osaka Jail Entrance Hall.jpgEnlarge Entrance Hall Osaka Jail Security Room.jpgEnlarge Security Room
Osaka Jail Courtyard.jpgEnlarge Courtyard

Osaka Jail Story Walkthrough


1 Head to Tonboto. Just follow the path ahead until you reach your objective. You'll also receive a new Velvet Room request along the way!
2 Upon reaching your destination and after some talking, the Phantom Thieves will infiltrate Osaka Jail.

Osaka Jail Part 1


1 Osaka Jail Shinsekai Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Certain routes are blocked by machine guns and you can't force your way through as they'll go brrrrr. Apparently, you'll have to disable them first.

Make your way to the southwest blockade to find a chest with a Speed Incense.
2 Hop to the top of the building beside the chest and zip to the other side. Go down and head to the marker to face a bunch of Shadows.
3 Go up the building and zip to the next marker. You'll spot a chest on your way east but it's guarded by another machine gun. There's no way around it, even by jumping on the building nearby, so you'll need to go back when the guns are disabled.
4 Move to the northeast building and zip to the other side. Drop down and enter Juoji Zoo.

Juoji Zoo

1 Osaka Jail Auspicious Pachyderm.jpgEnlarge
Approach the big Shadow and defeat Auspicious Pachyderm.
2 Osaka Jail Juoji Zoo Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
After the battle, head north and open the chest at the end of the path for an Amrita Soda.
3 Head south and jump up the platform. Zip through the lines (wieee) and take out the Shadows below if you have to. Jump to another platform and move along the walls to reach the first checkpoint.
4 Osaka Jail Juoji Zoo Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Move south and use another line to move to the center of the map. Before you enter the marked area, head north for a chest containing 3 Golden Cat Statues and 2 Forgotten Rings.
5 Now go to the marker and examine the control panel to start a hacking battle.
6 Proceed past the gate then use either the north or south path to circle above the area. Make your way to the other end of the Shadow-infested bridge and enter Mt. Chashiro.

Mt. Chashiro

1 You'll need to go around the map to reach the Prison Keep in the north. When you reach the machine gun blocking the path south, jump over the poles on your left and land near the checkpoint.
2 Osaka Jail Mt. Chashiro Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Before you approach the marker, go south to find a chest containing a Tabar. Requires Safecracker Lv2.
3 Go back and examine the control panel for another hacking battle.
4 Osaka Jail Strumming Veena Player.jpgEnlarge
After winning the hacking battle, go inside and defeat the Strumming Veena Player.
5 Osaka Jail Mt. Chashiro Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Climb the tower and grab the core at the top. Slide back down and head east for another chest. This one contains a Masukukaja.
6 Osaka Jail Mt. Chashiro Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
Head south past the Dire Shadow for a chest containing a Resist Phys.

Juoji Zoo

1 Osaka Jail Juoji Zoo Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
Now that the machine guns are disabled, you can now grab the chests from the previous areas! Travel back to Juoji Zoo and to the small path near the center of the map, just south of the lone zipline. You can find a chest past the deactivated machine gun containing an HP Incense, a Luck Incense, and a Guard Incense.


1 Osaka Jail Shinsekai Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Go back to Shinsekai and head to the east side of the map that was previously blocked by a machine gun. Find the chest in an alley and grab the Masukunda inside.
2 Now head south to the next marker and enter the Shipping Railway Area.

Shipping Railway Area

1 Jump up the building and fight off the Shadows on the rooftop. Zip to the other side and move along the wall to reach the area with another checkpoint.
2 Osaka Jail Shipping Railway Area Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Climb the building south and immediately drop down. Defeat the Shadows in the area so you can open the chest with a Guard Incense.
3 Osaka Jail Shipping Railway Area Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Jump back up and zip to the other side. Move west and to the center area then jump on the platforms northeast of your position to reach a chest with 2 Hiranyas.
4 Osaka Jail Hidden cover points.jpgEnlarge
Go back down and walk to the west. Use your Third Eye to reveal the cover points that you can hop on to reach the top.
5 Osaka Jail Shipping Railway Area Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
From there you can spot another chest. Jump over to the ledge south to reach it and grab the Mammoth Gown inside.
6 You can then drop down to the Shadows and fight your way to the marker leading to Abeno R's Mall.

Abeno R's Mall

1 Osaka Jail Air vents.jpgEnlarge
Head east until you reach what looks like a dead end. Use your Third Eye and find an air vent that will lead you to the other side. Press the switch and open the gate to proceed.
2 Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge
From the next room, move west then north for a chest with 2 Golden Cat Statues and 3 Pearl Bracelets.
3 Go back to the previous room and head south. Activate the checkpoint and press the switch on the other end of the path to unlock the nearby door.
4 Open the door and approach the marker to get ambushed on purpose. Defeat all the Shadows to proceed.
5 Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge
Approach the marker to find out that you have to go around the map to unlock the door ahead. Make your way to the southeast corner of the map first and jump up the boxes. Reach the chest behind you using a double jump and grab the Idol Sticker inside.
6 Now go back in front of the keep and open the unlocked door. Open the next door and activate the checkpoint.
7 Head south and go right at the fork. Enter the first room you see and defeat the strong Shadow inside. After clearing the area, press the switch in the upper right corner to unlock the door near the nearest checkpoint.
8 Enter through the newly unlocked door and move to the room north. Go around the room and find the switch that will unlock the door to the next area.
9 Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge
The switch also activates the locked door on the previous room! Go back and open the door to find a chest with a Bead Chain.
10 Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge
Now open the door from earlier to the next room. Before you move to the marked area, find a set of boxes on the east side of the room and jump on to it. Hop to the other boxes to reach the chest at the center of the room containing a Balm of Life.
11 Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge
From this spot, you can also find another chest below. Jump down and grab the Matarukaja inside.
12 Head to the next marker and examine the control panel to start a hacking battle. Make use of the nearby railgun.
13 Osaka Jail Thunder Emperor 1st Fight.jpgEnlarge
Approach the marker to initiate a fight with Thunder Emperor.
14 Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge
After the battle, enter the next room and press the switch to unlock more doors, including the one leading to the keep. Before you go south, open the other door nearby and make your way to the northeast to an unlocked door with a chest behind containing 2 SP Incense.
15 Make your way to the south and infiltrate the Prison Keep. You'll be attacked as soon as you step inside so prepare yourself as more waves of Shadows will come after the initial group.
16 Osaka Jail Albeno REnlarge
Climb the tower and grab the core at the top. Slide down and enter the area north of the tower where you can spot a chest containing 2 Beads.
17 Head east to go back to the Shipping Railway Area and enter Juoji Station.

Juoji Station

1 Proceed to the next room and you'll be ambushed by an army of Nagas. Use the carts around to deal Wind damage to them, which are also their weakness, luckily.
2 Head west, activate the checkpoint on your way, and use the vent to get to the other side of the door.
3 Osaka Jail Juoji Station Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Approach the marker and you will be stopped by a Raja Naga. Defeat the Shadows and make your way to the central area of the map but before you approach the marker, head west and fight your way to the end of the path for a chest containing a Glinting Monocle.
4 Osaka Jail Juoji Station Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Go back and approach the marker only to find out that the door is locked. What a surprise. Head east and enter the side-scroller. There's a chest near at the center of the path containing a Triple Down.

There's another chest near the end of the path that requires Safecracker Lv3 so remember to come back for it later.
5 Once at the First Class Lounge, use the partition glass as cover then ambush the Shadow inside. Don't bother ambushing the next Shadow as he's aware of your presence. Break the glass and begin the massacre.
6 After obtaining the Lounge Pass, open the door ahead back to the hallway and take out the Shadow doggos that appear.
7 Osaka Jail Juoji Station Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
Before you open the door to the marked room, head to the southeast corner of the map for a chest containing a Snuff Soul.
8 Osaka Jail Fused Ghost.jpgEnlarge
Now you can go to the next objective marker. Use the partition glasses to move from one room to another until you reach the Fused Ghost.
9 Osaka Jail Final Assessor.jpgEnlarge
Unlock the door to the Prison Keep using the VIP Pass that the Fused Ghost drop and grab the core at the top. Slide back down and face the Final Assessor.
10 After the battle, ride the airship to Abeno Haretas.

Abeno Haretas

1 Enter the front area of the castle and you'll warp back to the real world after the dialogues.


1 Hop on the RV and infiltrate Osaka Jail again. Warp directly to Abeno Haretas checkpoint.

Osaka Jail Part 2

Abeno Haretas

1 Fight your way to the entrance of the castle to continue.


1 Osaka Jail Prison Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Look behind you and jump up the platform. Crawl through the air vent and about halfway through, take a left to pop out the room in the middle. Open the chest in the room and grab the 3 Vague File Lists inside.
2 Return to the air vent and pop out on the next room. Clear the enemies in the room including the ones on the other side of the partition glass.
3 In this next room, use your Third Eye to find another air vent on the northern wall. Defeat the Shadows and proceed to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall

1 You'll immediately be attacked by another group of Shadows. Take them out and proceed to the Security Room.

Security Room

1 Examine the control panel to start a hacking battle.
2 After successfully hacking the control panel, go back to the Entrance Hall and take the elevator.


1 Obviously, you'll be ambushed again. Survive the attacks for 45 seconds and you'll eventually reach the Courtyard.


1 Osaka Jail Thunder Emperor 2nd Fight.jpgEnlarge
Approach the objective marker and fight the Thunder Emperor (again?).
2 After the battle, enter the Cage of Arrogance and you'll automatically warp out to the real world.


1 Osaka Jail Lock Keeper.jpgEnlarge
Prepare and go back to the RV. Go to your next destination and defeat the Lock Keeper.
2 After the battle, send a calling card to open the path to Osaka Jail's Monarch.
3 Osaka Jail Zephyrus Mech.jpgEnlarge
Once inside Osaka Jail again, warp to Abeno Haretas checkpoint and make your way to the objective marker. Climb the chain and defeat Zephyrus Mech!
4 Osaka Jail Akira the Hero.jpgEnlarge
When the mech is destroyed, you'll have to defeat Akira the Hero himself to end the battle.
5 When it's all said and done, you'll be back in the real world. You'll now need to choose who to take for Tenboto. You only have two choices here, though: the guys or the gals. Like on the Ferris Wheel, your choice won't affect future events other than the dialogue and scenes that you will get during this objective.
6 After the event, hop on the RV and head back to Tokyo!

Osaka Jail Boss Fights

Mini-Boss: Auspicious Pachyderm

Osaka Jail Auspicious Pachyderm.jpg

Use Electric, Psy, or Curse skills to destroy his Down Gauge. You can also use the orbs around to create a blast of Psy damage. Even without the affinities this mini-boss is weak against, Yusuke can perform well in this battle as he can counter its normal attacks and can even freeze the Pachyderm. If successfully frozen, you can use Psy attacks to deal bonus technical damage.

Mini-Boss: Strumming Veena Player

Osaka Jail Strumming Veena Player.jpg

This boss is weak to Nuke damage, which can be amplified further if used while she is burned. Makoto could be your best player here unless you have Unicorn or other Persona with stronger Nuke skills. Keep clearing the field of trash mobs as it can make the fight more difficult, especially since this mini-boss can heal her friends.

Mini-Boss: Thunder Emperor (1st Fight)

Osaka Jail Thunder Emperor 1st Fight.jpg

Thunder Emperor's Down Gauge can be taken down quickly using Wind and Psy attacks. You can also use the psycho-energy orbs as an alternative. This mini-boss hits hard so back away and wait for him to attack before letting in a few hits then immediately prepare to dodge his next attack especially Ziodyne, which strikes a wide area around him.

Mini-Boss: Fused Ghost

Osaka Jail Fused Ghost.jpg

If you haven't checked his weaknesses already, he's weak to Electric, Nuke, and Bless attacks. Makoto could rip it (or them?) to pieces as she can apply Nuke damage to her attacks as well as bomb the area with Nuke type skills. Just be sure to save enough SP if Makoto is your only healer in your party. Bring a Persona with Amrita Drop or items that cure Brainwash as the Fused Ghost can inflict this to your members, making the battle difficult.

Mini-Boss: Final Assessor

Osaka Jail Final Assessor.jpg

If you improved Arsene's Magic stat, have a better Persona with Curse attacks, or just a decently leveled Makoto, you'll do better in this fight. What makes this battle a bit difficult is the occasional appearance of trash mobs. When the Final Assessor conjures a vacuum, move to the transport drones as simply running away could be dangerous if one of the mobs attacks you and knock you off your feet.

Mini-Boss: Thunder Emperor (2nd Fight)

Osaka Jail Thunder Emperor 2nd Fight.jpg

This is the same Thunder Emperor from earlier so his attacks are mostly the same. You'll also have a different set of cover points to use in this battle. Watch out for Megaton Raid and prepare to jump when it's fully charged. Same strategy from earlier: wait for him to attack then charge in while he is recovering. His attacks still have long channeling time so you'll have plenty of time to dodge them.

Mini-Boss: Lock Keeper

Osaka Jail Lock Keeper.jpg

He got big guns! Luckily, these are very slow guns. He can shoot bullets with various elemental affinities and even bullets that can inflict debuffs. The Wind bullet might catch you off guard as it sends a shockwave in the room on impact, requiring you to jump.

For the trash mobs, you'll want to take out the Sarasvati ASAP as they can heal other mobs including the Lock Keeper. Keep spamming attacks the Lock Keeper is weak to and execute an All-Out attack once his Down Gauge is depleted to take out a huge chunk of his health bar.

Boss: Zephyrus Mech

Osaka Jail Zephyrus Mech.jpg

This would've been over in an instant if they just attacked Konoe while he was walking real slow toward the mech. Oh well.

Akira's mech is weak to Nuke and Electric attacks and resistant to the other elements so spam your strongest Nuke and Electric attacks to quickly whittle down its Down Gauge. Its attacks are reaaally slow so you'll have much time to attack while it is preparing to attack or even while it's attacking. Just don't forget to dodge its attacks especially the missile salvo.

If it shoots lasers from its feet, you'll have to jump to avoid it as you can't outrun the beams. Stay back when it starts casting Prominence Ray (the chest beam) as it will deal massive damage in front of the mech and move around the battlefield.

Osaka Jail Zephyrus Mech battle railgun.jpg

When Zephyrus Mech starts hovering at the center and starts casting Supernova, stay behind it if you can or stay as close as possible to the edge of the field if you're the one being targeted. Run sideways when it finally unleashes Supernova and try to dodge the missiles while running. After the attack, the mech will overheat and you will be prompted to use one of the railguns to shoot it down and take a large chunk of its health bar.

Boss: Akira the Hero

Osaka Jail Akira the Hero.jpg

After destroying Zephyrus Mech, Akira himself will fight you. We recommend using Yusuke here not just to make this battle a cool sword fight but also since he can counter most of Akira's attacks. Akira will also have the same weaknesses as his mech but none of its resistances so you don't have to worry about damage penalties when using other affinities.

Run or jump on one of the debris when he starts casting Megidolaon then strike while he is recovering. Time your dodges and counters (if you're using Yusuke) and you will eventually defeat Osaka Jail's Monarch.

Osaka Jail Items


List of Items
Speed Incense Masukunda

Juoji Zoo

List of Items
Amrita Soda Golden Cat Statue x3 Forgotten Ring x2
HP Incense Luck Incense Guard Incense

Mt. Chashiro

List of Items
Tabar Masukukaja Resist Phys

Shipping Railway Area

List of Items
Guard Incense Hiranya x2 Mammoth Gown

Albeno R's Mall

List of Items
Golen Cat Statue x2 Pearl Bracelet x3 Idol Sticker
Bead Chain Balm of Life Matarukaja
SP Incense x2 Bead x2

Juoji Station

List of Items
Glinting Monocle Triple Down Snuff Soul


List of Items
Vague File List x3

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