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Zorro Stats and Skills

This page has everything you need to know about the Persona Zorro from Persona 5 Strikers. Keep reading to find out this Persona's strengths, weaknesses, and skills it learns!

Zorro Stats and Affinities

Arcana Level Inherit
Magician 1 Wind
Reflect Absorb Null Resist Weak
- - Wind Bless Elec
St Ma En Ag Lu
2 5 3 7 4
A masked swordsman of justice who fought in California against corrupt officials during the era of Spanish rule. He always left his "Z" mark with his rapier wherever he appeared.

Skills Zorro Learns

Skill Learned Effect Cost
Garu Innate Light Wind dmg to an area of foes. 6 SP
Dia 2 Restores low amount of HP to one ally. 6 SP
Media 6 Restores low amount of HP to all allies. 14 SP
Magaru 10 Light Wind dmg to a wide area of foes. 10 SP
Technical Adept 13 Increasees damage of Technical hits. -
Recarm 18 Revives one fallen ally to 50% HP. 24 SP
Mediarama 34 Restores medium amount of HP to all allies. 32 SP
Magarula 37 Medium Wind dmg to a wide area of foes. 14 SP
Masukunda 40 Temporarily decreases Critical/auto-evade rate for a wide area of foes. 16 SP
Wind Boost 43 Strengthens Wind attacks. Stacks with Wind Amp. -

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