Persona 5 Strikers

List of Key Items

This is a list of all the Key Items found in Persona 5 Strikers. Click the links below for more detailed information on each item!

List of Key Items

Item Effect
Beautiful Flower A flower from the former government office. A symbol of Mariko Hyodo's ideals.
Blinding Yellow Orb A yellow orb that shines like lightning.
Crab Hot Pot It's hard to say no to crab hot pot. Restores 80 HP and 40 SP to all allies.
Dirty Figurine A limited edition figurine. Not many were distributed, so it's very valuable.
Election Poster Marika Hyodo's election poster. She's smiling amicably.
EMMA A smartphone with EMMA installed on it. Everyone's got this app nowadays.
Frigid Blue Orb A cold blue orb that's reminiscent of ice.
Gaudy Fountain Pen A fancy fountain pen with an image of a dragon. Heavily used.
Goat Soup It smells delicious... I think?
Gyutan Stew Recipe A gyutan stew recipe. Mixes beef tongue with onions and carrots.
Illegible Document A mysterious piece of data. Worth nothing at normal stores.
Infernal Red Orb A red orb that emits an intense like fire.
Jingisukan Recipe One bite of this lamb BBQ fills your body with energy. Restores 40 HP to all allies.
Kyoto Curry Recipe A kyoto curry recipe. The kamo-nasu eggplant is the star. Lv 2 Cooking Skill.
Leblanc Coffee Specialty drip coffee. Restores 30 SP to one ally.
Leblanc Curry A simple dish, and the basis of any good curry recipe. Restores 20 SP to all allies.
Lounge Pass A pass dropped by a Shadow. Grants access to lounge doors.
Macaron Cannon Alice Hiiragi's most recent single. It's been No.1 on the charts.
Maddice Badge The Maddice company of badge.
Mayor Badge The Sapporo's mayor's badge. Gold plated to save money.
Miso Ramen Recipe A miso ramen recipe. It's all about the miso. Lv 1 Cooking Skill.
Okinawa Soba An Okinawa soba recipe. The noodles must be made from flour. Lv 2 Cooking Skill.
Okonomiyaki A well-known Japanese dish loved by people of all ages. Restores 60 HP to all allies.
Ominous Rain Orb An orb that emits an ominous glow like a rainy sky.
Osaka Sushi An Osaka sushi recipe. A luxurious bento with tuna and crab. Lv 3 Cooking Skill.
Pop Dress A piece from the Alice clothing line. A popular dress desired by all.
Prince of Nightmares Ango Natsume's debut novel. A fantasy that's sold over one million copies.
Salmon Bowl Recipe A salmon bowl recipe. Freshly cooked rice served with salmon on top.
Seafood Bowl Recipe A seafood bowl recipe. Tuna nd salmon are key elements. Lv 1 Cooking Skill.
Solemn Sun Orb An orb that emits a harsh light like the sun.
Soukaisha Trophy A rookie award that Ango Natsume won. It's made from expensive crystals.
Tape Record 1 A voice recording of someone's research. The Penitentiary System?
Tape Record 2 A voice recording of someone's research. Who is it talking about?
Tape Record 3 A voice recording of someone's research. Desires being taken away?
Tape Record 4 A voice recording of someone's research. Controlling Monarchs?
UN UN July Issue A fashion magazine featuring Alice on the cover. A symbol of her popularity.
VIP Pass A pass dropped by a Shadow. VIPs needn't surrender their Desires.
Worker's Pass A pass dropped by a Shadow. Grants access to employee-only doors.

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List of Items

List of Items
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