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List of Items

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This is a list of all the types of Items found in Persona 5 Strikers. Check out the pages below for more information on what kinds of items you can get in the game!

List of Items

Recovery Items

These are items that can be used to restore HP, SP, or cure status ailments in and out of battle. Many can be purchased from various stores or vending machines throughout the course of the game, though they may come in limited stock.

List of Recovery Items

Skill Cards

Skill Cards can be used on the Protagonist's various Personas to teach them new skills they wouldn't normally learn through leveling up or fusion (with limitations). They are generally found in restocking Treasure Chests within Jails so don't be afraid to use them!

List of Skill Cards


Ingredients are used in various recipes that are obtained throughout the game. Time to get cooking!

List of Ingredients


Materials have no other purpose but to be sold for extra money. Some can only be sold to specific vendors while most can be pawned off at Sophia's Shop. You will often find these in the respawnable cages in Jails or as drops from enemies.

List of Materials

Key Items

Key Items are obtained over the course of the story and have no real purpose beyond when they were received. At least there's flavor text?

List of Key Items

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