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How to Get Special and Elite Zombie Kills

CoD MW3 - How to Get Special and Elite Zombie Kills
Players can get Special and Elite zombie kills by eliminating named zombies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Read on to learn what Special and Elite Zombies are, how to spawn them, and the easiest ways to take them down!

What are Special and Elite Zombies?

All Special and Elite Zombies

MW3 Zombies - Special or Elite Zombies
Special and Elite Zombies are tankier zombies that offer a combat challenge due to their unique attacks and mechanics. You can easily identify these zombies among the hordes as they have distinct appearances. The different Special and Elite Zombies are as follows:

Difference Between Special and Elite Zombies

Modern Warfare 3 - Special and Elite Zombies
Special Zombies are the unique zombies that you will randomly encounter while exploring the map, while the Elite Zombies are the ones you target during Eliminate the Bounty contracts. The only exception to this would be Mega Abominations which are always considered Elite Zombies.

Note: Unique zombies encountered during contracts are not all Elite zombies. The only one that will be considered "Elite" is the one you're targeting, easily identified by the blue marker above its head.

Special and Elite Zombies Locations

Where to Find Special and Elite Zombies

Take on Escort Contracts to Find Special Zombies

MW3 Zombies - Mangler in Escort Contract
One of the best ways to spawn Special Zombies is by doing Escort contracts. This contract will spawn hordes of zombies, which has a good number of spawning multiple special zombies. In our experience, we we're able to fight up to 6 Special Zombies in one contract!

Note that all Special Zombies appear in any threat zone Escort contract except for Disciples and Mega Abominations. Disciples can only be found in the medium and high threat zones, while Mega Abominations only lurk around the high threat zone.

How to Complete Escort Contract

Spawn Elite Zombies through Bounty Contracts

CoD MW3 - Eliminate the Bounty Contract
You can spawn Elite Zombies by participating in Eliminate the Bounty contracts. The location of the target Elite zombie will appear on your HUD, which you need to track down and eliminate.

Similar to Escort contracts, Mimics and Manglers can be spawned in all threat zones. Disciples, on the other hand, can only be targeted in medium and high threat zones, while Mega Abominations are exclusive to high threat zone.

Eliminate the Bounty Contract Guide

Take on Infested Strongholds to Find Mimics

MW3 Zombies - Mimic in an Infested Stronghold

If you're looking for Mimics specifically then the best place to find them is through Infested Strongholds (Infested Stronghold).

These Mimics hide themselves, so they might not spawn until you clear the area. At least one Mimic is guaranteed to spawn in an Infested Stronghold.

All Stronghold Locations

Explore the Map to Find Special Zombies

Modern Warfare 3 - Hunt Special Zombies

Special zombies spawn randomly across the map, and you will often encounter them while roaming around especially in higher-threat zones. Dive deep into more dangerous territories to raise your chances of finding these unique zombies.

Zombies Interactive Map

How to Get Special and Elite Zombie Kills

Use Upgraded Weapons

CoD MW3 - Mimic
It's recommended to use good weapons with high rarity and pack-a-punch level before aiming for Special or Elite Zombies. Most of the time these unique zombies are accompanied by hordes of other zombies, which make it much of a challenge to bring them down.

Zombies Best Guns and Weapons Tier List

Use Field Upgrades and Other Utility Items

MW3 Zombies - Using LT53 Kazimir on Mega Abomination
One of the Field Upgrades to equip when dealing with Special or Elite Zombies is the Energy Mine since it can deal remarkable damage to them. On top of that, you can also use deadly tactical or lethal items such as the Molotov, Semtex, and LT53 Kazimir to deal more damage.

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