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This is a guide to the Dragon Fruit (Very Rare) Grub found in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find out how to get Dragon Fruit (Very Rare), as well as its food effects on your Mii's stats!

Dragon Fruit (Very Rare) Basic Information

No. 115 Dragon Fruit ★★
Miitopia Dragon Fruit ★★ Grub
HP ★★★ Attack ---
MP ★★★ Defense ---
Speed --- Magic ---

How to Get Dragon Fruit (Very Rare)

Enemy Drop Reward

Miitopia Switch Red Dragon
Red Dragon
Miitopia Switch Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord

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List of Grub partial.png
List of Grub
Grub Rarities
Normal Rare Very Rare

List of Very Rare Grub

Very Rare Grub
Devil's Food Cake ★★ Warming Soup Doggy Doughnut ★★
Elven Potion Dynastic Soup ★★ Royal Roast
Baby Food ★★ Snake Meunière ★★ Frog Juice ★★
Fragrant Tea ★★ Choc Rock ★★ Butterfly Honey ★★
Mushroom Sauté ★★ Ultimate Delicacy ★★ Hobgob Doughnuts ★★
Cake Iceberg Salad ★★ Golem Steak ★★
Fried Cobra ★★ Goblin Ham ★★ Gorilla Protein ★★
BBQ Scorpion ★★ Cactus Juice ★★ Sandwich ★★
Hell Dog ★★ Spider Roll ★★ Space Food ★★
Slime Jelly ★★ Rock Candy ★★ Sword Sashimi ★★
Tornado Lemonade ★★ Shield Gratin ★★ Cheesecake
Turkey Curry ★★ Strata Sundae ★★ Geothermal Pizza
Pixel Grub ★★ Devil Protein ★★ Steamed Snails ★★
Sharp Stew ★★ Doner Kebab Tomato Spaghetti ★★
Dragon Fruit ★★ Mouse Treat ★★ Alien Gummy Candy ★★
Puppet Pepper ★★ Banshee Tears ★★ Hamburger ★★
Tenderized Tartare ★★ Beef Burger ★★ Hieroglyph Toast ★★
Guitar Pick Nachos ★★ Bitingly Bitter Tea ★★ Icy Mints ★★
Snurp Radish ★★ Mysterious Crepe Fluffy Omelette ★★
Fluffy Marshmallows ★★ Penguin Treat ★★ Bone Biscuit ★★
Flaming Chilli Soup ★★ Bomble Gum ★★ Mummy Jerky ★★
Art Cookie ★★ Cotton Candy ★★ Forest Nuts ★★
Grilled Mahimahi Snowmilk ★★ Frozen Ready Meal
Roast Griffin ★★ Roast Lizard Tail ★★ Robojuice ★★

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