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Morgana Basic Info, Usage Guide, and Skills

This is page is about Morgana, a character from Persona 5 Strikers. Here you can find information on Morgana', how to use them, and what skills they learn!

Morgana Basic Information

Morgana Profile

Morgana Profile Icon
Name Morgana
Codename Mona
Melee Weapon Curved Swords
Gun Slingshots
Persona Zorro
Voice Actor (Eng.) Cassandra Lee Moris
Voice Actor (Jp.) Ikue Otani

Morgana Introduction

A talking black cat(?) that the protagonist rescued in the Metaverse who has stuck with him ever since. He guides the Phantom Thieves and also acts as their mascot. Mona wields a shortsword. He is an agile fighter who can unleash attacks both on the ground and in the air. He can also lock onto multiple enemies using his slingshot.

How to Play as Morgana

P5S Morgana Combat.png

Basic Combat Information

Morgana is has the role of soft Fighter/Support, capable of truly fighting against foes in the air or on the ground seamlessly with a good attack speed. However, his small HP and DEF stats make him a vulnerable target and incapable of taking hits, even on higher levels.

Persona Use and Skills

Zorro is capable of learning a wide number of boost, HP regen and Wind skills. In lineups where Sophia or another dedicated healer is unavailable in favor of power, Morgana is a very good substitute to complement the rest of the team.

Best Skills
Magarudyne Salvation Technical Adept Dodge Elec
Diarahan Samarecarm Wind Boost Wind Amp

Best Character Pairing

Best Character Pairing
Ann Haru

Skills Morgana Learns

Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Animal Instinct Perform a follow-up after □□□□△/YYYYX.
Cat's Paw Enemies are pulled in during the spinning portion of □△, or with □□□△.
Miracle Punch □□△ will have a slight chance of becoming a Miracle Punch.
Cyclone Charge While transformed, perform a ram attack that generates a Wind affinity shockwave.


Controls Effect
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png
A chain of five sword attacks.
triangle.png Transform into the Morgana Car. It is also possible to tackle enemies while driving.
square.png triangle.png
A rising spin slash.
square.png square.png triangle.png
A punch with high chance of Critical.
square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Summon Zorro to use a Wind Skill.
square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Hold to extend
An advancing vertical spin attack. Hold triangle.png to extend the distance traveled.

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