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This is the story walkthrough for the Shibuya Jail in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, maps of each featured location, boss strategies, and a list of items that can be found.

Shibuya Jail Maps

List of Maps
Shibuya Crossing.jpgEnlarge Shibuya Crossing Underground Waterway.jpgEnlarge Underground Waterway
705.jpgEnlarge 705 Building Maruku City.jpgEnlarge Maruku City
West Exit.jpgEnlarge Shibuya Station: West Exit Miyamae Park.jpgEnlarge Miyamae Park
Central Street.jpgEnlarge Central Street Bunkamachi.jpgEnlarge Bunkamachi

Shibuya Jail Story Walkthrough

Shibuya Part 1

1 After the opening cutscene you will immediately be thrust into a fight against demons and shadows. Press the Y/Square button repeatedly for regular attacks and hold ZR/L2 to invoke your Persona.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219141458.jpg
Once you’ve cleared out the enemies, the story will advance. Watch the scenes until you take control and head to Leblanc.
3 After some more dialogue and entering your name, head to sleep. Leave Leblanc and go down the street to get to Shibuya. Ryuji will be waiting for you in front of the green bus.

Shibuya Jail Part 1

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219144100.jpg
Progress through the scene and you will be taken into the Metaverse. Take out enemies until you’re prompted to use your Persona. Hit an enemy’s weakness and press the A/X button nearby to execute an All-Out Attack.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219144053.jpg
Down some more enemies and you’ll be prompted to Phantom Dash up to a lightpole to perform a Special Action from cover. Use everything you’ve learned to finish off the rest of the enemies.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219144234.jpgEnlarge
Make your way to the alleyway Morgana points out to escape from the reinforcements.

Underground Waterway

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219144740.jpgEnlarge
After another scene you will be dumped into the Underground Waterway. Make your way towards the box to the west to meet Sophia.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219152957.jpgEnlarge
Defeat the shadows and go up the stairs towards the next objective marker for another battle. Look up to jump to a ledge where you'll find a Treasure Chest with a Breath Sash. Hop down and move on to find a Shiny Mini Bag.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219154555.jpgEnlarge
Keep going down the hallway to the next marker for another two fights. Double jump up to the ledge and move on to the next room. Go up the stairs and ambush the enemies from above.
4 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219155225.jpgEnlarge
Jump up to the ledge and drop into the next room for another fight. You can use the platforms above for cover attacks. After the fight you will receive your first Persona, Pixie. You can switch between Personas by pressing left or right on the d-pad when invoking your Persona.
5 At the end of the hall, you’ll fight against your first mini-boss, Dirty Two-Horned Beast.
6 After the fight you will be introduced to Master Arts, special skills unique to each character. Keep going south to exit the Underground Waterway and the Jail.

Shibuya Part 2

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219163208.jpg
Once outside the Jail you'll head back to Leblanc for another scene. Speak with Futaba then head off to bed. Upon waking you will reenter the jail for a moment before continuing your investigation in the real world.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219164647.jpgEnlarge
You can receive a Salty Papya by speaking to Futaba then head to Central Street to the north. You will receive a text from Ryuji so head to the alleyway. Interacting with the apparel shop on the left side of the street will also increase your Intel Meter.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219164727.jpgEnlarge
Next to Ryuji is a group of people you can listen in on. Do so to increase your Intel Meter again. Outside the alleway speaking with the Level-Headed Girl will increase it once more.
4 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219164923.jpgEnlarge
Down the street speaking with the Dedicated Woman and grumbling man outside Big Bang Burger will give your Intel Meter a further boost to 100%.
5 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219174040.jpgEnlarge
You will get a group text so return to the meeting point to go over the Intel you gathered, then head to your meeting with Alice. After the scenes, head to Takemi Medical Clinic down the street. Speaking with Ryuji outside will net you a Manta. You will also unlock BOND Skills.
6 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219174221.jpgEnlarge
As Takemi is away for the summer, head to Central Street where you will go to the Velvet Room to speak with Lavenza and gain the ability to fuse and strengthen Personas. Fuse the Bicorn and strengthen a Persona to proceed.
8 Interacting with the Airsoft Shop you will find that Iwai is also away. Return to Leblanc and you will gain access to Sophia's Shop. Once you've spent Yen to your hearts' content, Infiltrate the Jail.

Shibuya Jail Part 2

Shibuya Crossing

1 Upon entering you will be back at the Shibuya Crossing. Ambush the Shadow and defeat the wave of enemies. To the south outside the station is a Treasure Chest with a Revival Bead.


1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219201138.jpgEnlarge
Head to the west towards the 705 Building then jump up onto the building to the north until you get fired at by turrets. Your next destination is Maruku City, southwest of the crossing.

Maruku City

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219201600.jpgEnlarge
Keep going west up the building to avoid the sentries. Ambush the one sentry after Phantom Dashing to the platform to move forward. Ambush the next set of sentries to claim the restocking Treasure Chest.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219201940.jpgEnlarge
Go around the otherside and climb up the building, dropping down onto the building to the south to proceed. Take care of the enemies in the next area then go to your west.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219202250.jpgEnlarge
Jump to the cover point behind you and go across the building. You will encounter the Beguiling Girl, a stronger version of a Pixie.
4 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219202801.jpgEnlarge
Hop down from the building and go to the closed off area in the south for a Silk Scarf, a protector for Morgana. Return to the north to continue. You can find a Checkpoint to your east as well. Use it to leave the Jail and come back if you need to heal up.
5 Go north using the balloons to make your way to the next side scrolling area. You will find a treasure chest with 6 Shiny Mini Bags, 4 Cute Wallets, and 2 Rusty Necklaces. Continue up the building.
6 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219204108.jpgEnlarge
At the top, move along the wall for a scene. You will now need to return to the Underground Waterway. Return to the Checkpoint and go through the entrance to the East.

Shibuya Station: West Exit

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219204641.jpgEnlarge
In the West Exit, head southeast for another Checkpoint. There is also an encounter with the Troublesome Halfmaid, a stronger version of a Silky.
2 Go up the stacks of presents and drop down for a treasure chest with a Magic Amulet
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219205844.jpgEnlarge
Return to the south and follow the alleyway to reach the entrance to the Underground Waterway.

Underground Waterway Part 2

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219210139.jpgEnlarge
You will be back where you exited from earlier. Go through the grate nearby to reach the otherside.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219210203.jpgEnlarge
Follow the sidescrolling path once you exit the grate. You will find a Treasure Chest with 3 Chipped Microchips at the top of the second section. Exit and go south for another Checkpoint.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219211036.jpgEnlarge
Defeat the enemies and exit the Underground Waterway.

Maruku City Part 2

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219211247.jpgEnlarge
Follow the path outside around to the north where the objective marker is. Climbing up the buildings and jumping across with a balloon will lead you to a Treasure Chest containing a Blizz Dagger.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219211726.jpgEnlarge
Continue towards the searchlight power source for a battle. Finish off the waves of enemies then climb the tower.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219211936.jpgEnlarge
Take the power source and you will find out there are two more power sources left. The gates are open now so return to Shibuya Crossing and head east towards Miyamae Park.

Miyamae Park

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219212703.jpgEnlarge
Head down the road until you get stopped by a sentry. Hop on a skateboard and mow down the enemies to move on.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219213036.jpgEnlarge
At the end of the street, jump up onto the building and activate the next Checkpoint.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219213739.jpgEnlarge
To the west of the Checkpoint, activate your Third Eye to jump over a block for a Treasure Chest with a Hacker Gear Mk. 1.
4 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219213943.jpgEnlarge
Go south across the bridge to the locked door. Interact with the terminal to enter a Hacking Battle while Futaba unlocks the door. The skateboards can be useful for knocking enemies back away from her.
5 After the battle, head into the Prison Keep for an encounter with a mini-boss, Heavenly Punisher. Defeat it to gain access to the power source.
6 Climb up the tower and take the second power source. You will now have to go to Bunkamachi, past Central Street.

Central Street

1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219220239.jpgEnlarge
On Central Street, you can find a restocking Treasure Chest to your right down an alleyway. Grab it and move on.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219220421.jpgEnlarge
Examine the control panel at the end of the street for another Hacking Battle. Protect Futaba until she finishes to continue down the street.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219221554.jpgEnlarge
Taking a quick left down a small path will lead to a generator. Flip the switch for now and move on.
4 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219222025.jpgEnlarge
Climb up the building in the middle of the area and move along the wall to the other side. Move along the next wall to find a second generator.
5 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219222212.jpgEnlarge
Go over to the northwestern wall and jump up. Follow the wires and balloons around to the other side of the area for a third generator.
6 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219222433.jpgEnlarge
Jump down and go to the west for a Treasure Chest containing a Life Stone.
7 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219222621.jpgEnlarge
Return to the wall you climbed previously and go down the other path to another Checkpoint. Climb up the wall to activate another Hacking Battle, activated by the three generators.
8 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219223554.jpgEnlarge
After the Hacking Battle, drop down and head East to a Checkpoint and the exit to Bunkamachi. Pressing a switch south of the Checkpoint will also unlock the gate that was blocking your way previously.


1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219224445.jpgEnlarge
Go around the building to the north and jump up top. Go up the presents and use the wire to cross to the southern building to move on.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219224740.jpgEnlarge
On the west side of this building is a restockable Treasure Chest. Grab it then jump up to the next building.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219224918.jpgEnlarge
Hop down after the short scene to unlock a Checkpoint. Keep moving south and you can encounter a fight with Menacing Owlman, a stronger Andras.
4 Persona 5 Strikers_20210219225234.jpgEnlarge
Go up the building to your left and cross over to the Ferris Wheel on a wire.
5 On the other side, you will have a fight with another mini boss, Night-Walking Warrior. After defeating it, activate the Ferris Wheel to cross over to the Prison Keep.
6 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220004550.jpgEnlarge
Climb up the Ferris Wheel and take the wire into the Prison Keep. Defeat some enemies to get the power source. You will then be briefly taken out of the Jail.

Shibuya Crossing Part 2

1 Do any last minute preparation then head back inside the Jail for a rehash of the prologue fight. Things will be a little more difficult this time around as enemies will inflict you with status ailments if you aren't careful. Use a Persona with affinity to Ice as there are a lot of Jack-o'-Lanterns in the area.
2 After a few waves your party members will rejoin you to help clean up the rest of the Shadows. You can use the police cars that are now in the area to blow up groups of enemies for All-Out-Attack opportunities.
3 With all the enemies defeated, make your way back to the 705 Building.

705 Part 2

1 Now that the searchlights are down you can finally infiltrate the building. Go back up and around the side of the area like before. You can use the platform to ambush the Shadow then move on towards the objective marker.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220012721.jpgEnlarge
Maneuver around the searchlights in the next side scrolling sections to reach another mini boss, Twilight Prostitute.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220013833.jpgEnlarge
After the Twilight Prostitute has been downed, follow the path and enter the Castle.


1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220014101.jpgEnlarge
Inside, you will have to unlock the door to the stairs. Use your Third Eye to see the foot prints that lead to the buttons required to open the door. Start from the northeast, then northwest, followed by southeast and east.
2 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220014314.jpgEnlarge
Take the stairs up to the Memorial Hall and try to use the elevator. You will be ambushed by Shadows, so defeat them then take the elevator.
3 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220014457.jpgEnlarge
Once on the elevator you will have to fight more waves of Shadows as you slowly move up until the timer runs out.
4 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220014924.jpgEnlarge
At the top, head for the door to the stairwell to get ambushed by another Heavenly Punisher. Take care of it the way you did before, but now you have access to crackers in the room.
5 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220015730.jpgEnlarge
The stairwell door will be locked so jump up and out of the nearby window to proceed. Climb up the side to enter the Cage of Lust. After a scene you will leave once more to search for the key.

Shujin Academy

1 After a scene your next destination will be Shujin Academy. Return to base to head there and reenter the jail.
2 You will immediately be faced with a boss, the Lock Keeper. Defeat it and the lock above the 705 Building will break, allowing you to progress further.
3 Outside the Jail once more, make your final preparations and send the Calling Card.


1 Persona 5 Strikers_20210220033644.jpgEnlarge
Go direcly to the 705 and take the chain straight to the top.
2 Alice will greet you and the fight will begin.
3 When the battle is over, watch the scenes and get ready for a roadtrip!

Shibuya Jail Boss Fights

Mini-Boss: Dirty Two-Horned Beast

Dirty Two-Horned Beast is weak to Zio so do as the game tells you and swap to the Pixie you acquired in the last fight to strike its weakness. Doing this will allow you to hit the A/X button for a follow-up attack. Under its HP bar you’ll see 4 yellow shield icons, known as the Down Gauge. Performing 3 more follow-up attacks will deplete the gauge and succesfully down it, allowing for an all-out-attack. Use a Soul Drop if you run out of SP and continue hitting it with Zio to take out the rest of its HP.

Mini-Boss: Heavenly Punisher

Heavenly Punisher is weak to Elec and Curse, but its Down Gauge won't go down quite so easily. Try to hit it as much as you can, and recover SP if necessary, while avoiding its Makouha and Mapsi which have a wide range and can deal a lot of damage. Once you manage to drain its Down Gauge, go for an All-Out-Attack to deal a large amount of damage and repeat. If you happen to have a maxed out Showtime gauge, this is a good time to use it. Enemies will start appearing throughout the fight as well, allowing you to hit their weaknesses for weaker All-Out-Attacks throughout the fight. Keep this up and it'll go down.

Mini-Boss: Night-Walking Warrior

The Night-Walking Warrior can hit pretty hard, but taking advantage of the 3 crackers around the room and wind elemental magic will help take it down. It uses a lot of wide area physical attacks so when you see the AoE marker, dodge out of the way. It will become prone after some attacks so you can take this time to get hits in. Rinse and repeat to down this demon.

Mini-Boss: Twilight Prostitute

The Twilight Prostitue is dangerous in the sense that it can, and will, inflict Brainwash on your party. This will cause them to attack each other, causing KOs if you aren't careful. When you see her casting a spell, target her with any of her weaknesses: Gun, Wind, or Bless. Gun will be the easiest on your SP and two or three shots will down her for a 1 More, quickly tearing apart her Down Gauge for an All-Out-Attack. Be careful of her attacks and she should go down in no time.

Boss: Lock Keeper

The Lock Keeper is no joke. It hits hard and is constantly surrounded by weaker Shadows aiming to get in your way. Don't stay on it for too long as it will soon start swinging its swords around to knock you back. Target its many weaknesses (Fire, Wind, Bless, and Curse) as much as you can to chip away at its Down Gauge for an All-Out-Attack as its HP will go down pretty slow depending on your team. Keep up the damage and it'll bite the dust before long.

Boss: Mad-Rabbit Alice

Persona 5 Strikers_20210220115442.jpg

Alice can be pretty tough if you go in unprepared. She attacks with powerful Psi and Physical skills alongside the ability to Brainwash anyone close to her. Bring items that cure Brainwash, which can be bought from Sophia's shop, to keep your team healthy. This fight is made much, much easier if you have Ann and Morgana alongside a Persona of your own that targets one of her three weaknesses (Fire, Wind, and Bless) in order to take her Down Gauge out as quickly as possible. Ann specifically is a huge boon here with her ability to Enchant her whip with Fire to repeatedly strike Alice's weakness.

Phase 1

Alice won't be coming at you too hard during the first part of the fight, giving you time to dodge her attacks. There are also crackers around the room that guarantee a 1 More if they strike her. Make sure you have her in your line of sight before using one, and don't accidentally Baton Pass to a party member about to use one at an inopportune time. The best time to use them during this phase is when she jumps up on to the pole, as it will not only knock her off it, but it will let you get more hits in. Once she reaches half health, she'll move into phase 2.

Phase 2

Alice will break her baton and get down on all fours, making her attacks much more aggressive and eratic. Watch for the AoE marker when she attempts to pounce and stay away when hearts start shooting out of her to avoid Psi damage and Brainwash. She'll no longer jump on the pole, and instead turn into a wheel shape and spin around the arena. This deals a ton of damage if you get hit, so stay locked onto her in order to dodge at the right times. If you saved some crackers from phase 1, try to use them when she does a hip slam, as it will leave her momentarily prone and open to taking damage. Other than the previous attack, staying behind her is generally safe as most of her attacks strike out in front of her. Make sure your party stays in tip-top shape and Alice will eventually go down.

Shibuya Jail Items

Underground Waterway Part 1

List of Items
Breath Sash

Shibuya Crossing

List of Items
Revival Bead

Maruku City

List of Items
Silk Scarf Shiny Mini Bag x6
Cute Wallet x4
Rusty Necklace x2

Shibuya Station: West Exit

List of Items
Magic Amulet

Underground Waterway Part 2

List of Items
Chipped Microchip x3

Maruku City Part 2

List of Items
Blizz Dagger

Miyamae Park

List of Items
Hacker Gear Mk. 1 Alluring Sticker

Central Street

List of Items
Life Stone

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