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List of Support Items

This is a guide to Spirit Board Support Items in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know how to obtain Spirits, get spirit board support items, and a list of all the support items in Smash Ultimate!

How to Get Support Items

How to Get Spirit Board Items
  • Obtain in World of Light
  • Obtain from Spirits Mode
  • Obtain in Classic Mode
  • Purchase at the Shop
  • Clear Achievements

Obtain in World of Light

World of Light.jpg

Spirit items can be obtained by clearing battles with spirits blocking your path in the World of Light mode. As spirits and these items are mostly used here, this is a great farming area for spirits and spirit items alike.

World of Light (Adventure Mode) Guide and Map

Obtain from Spirits Mode

Spirit Mode.jpg

Spirits Mode is similar to regular CPU brawl, but is harder due to the enemy's bonus abilities from their spirits. Emerging victorious can reward you with spirits and spirit items.

Obtain in Classic Mode

SSBU Classic Mode.jpg

Classic Mode is an arcade style game for Smash. It pits you against enemies for several rounds until you reach the boss of your chosen character. Defeating them will clear the stage and reward you generously with GSP, Gold, and even spirits and spirit items!

Purchase at the Shop


Spirit items can be purchased at the shop. This is the place to spend all your hard earned gold so don't hesitate to purchase items here!

Clear Challenges

Achievements offer various rewards. It can be gold, a stage music, spirit points, and even spirit points and spirit items!

Achievements That Rewards Support Items

shuffleShuffle All Fight advanced class 10 times.
RematchRematch Use a spirit team in Spirits mode.
Slow FS ChargeSlow FS Charging Defeat online players with a higher GSP than you 5 times.
Shield SpacerShield Spacer Defeat a CPU Level 9 with a margin of 3 points in a 2:30 minute match.
Defeat online players with a higher GSP than you 10 times.
Sluggish ShieldSluggish Shield KO 20 Giant Fighters
Defeat an Ace Class

List of Support Items

Refresh Board Items
shuffleShuffle All Reshuffles all spirits
all primaryAll Primaries Reshuffles all spirits to primaries
supportAll Secondaries Reshuffles all spirits to supports
RematchRematch Restores a spirit that disappeared from the Spirit Board
FillerFiller Immediately fills all open spaces
Battle Items
50Damage 50% Causes opponents to start the battle with a total of 50% damage.
Slow FS ChargeSlow FS Charging Slows the opponents's FS Meter charge speed.
weakenWeaken Minion Makes it easier to defeat minions.
health drainHealth Drain Slowly drain the health of an opponent
disable itemDisable Item No Items spawns during the match
Spirit Freeing Items
Shield SpacerShield Spacer Widens the gap in a spirit's shield
Sluggish ShieldSluggish Shield Slows down the spirit's shield.

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