List of Rarity 4 Armor | Monster Hunter World (MHW)

This is a list of all Rarity 4 Armor in Monster Hunter World (MHW) and Iceborne. Learn the stats and details of each of Armor here!

List of Rarity 4 Armor

Rarity 4 Head Armor

Head Armor
Name Slots Skill|Lv
Brigade Lobos ーーー Recovery Speed 1
Death Stench Brain ーーー Resuscitate 1
Diablos Helm ーーー Critical Draw 1
Gala Suit Top Hat ーーー Critical Boost 1
Ingot Helm ーーー Thunder Attack 1
Kirin Horn ーーー Marathon Runner 1
Legiana Helm ーーー Divine Blessing 1
Odogaron Helm ーーー Bleeding Resistance 1
Orion Cap ーーー Recovery Up 1
Pulverizing Feather ーーー Bombardier 3
Rathalos Helm ーーー Attack Boost 1

Rarity 4 Chest Armor

Chest Armor
Name Slots Skill|Lv
Brigade Suit ーーー Divine Blessing 1
Death Stench Muscle ーーー Fortify 1
Diablos Mail ーーー Slugger 1
Gala Suit Jacket ーーー Critical Draw 1
Ingot Mail ーーー Thunder Resistance 1
Kirin Jacket ーーー Divine Blessing 1
Legiana Mail ーーー Evade Window 1
Odogaron Mail ーーー Speed Sharpening 1
Orion Vest ーーー Flinch Free 1
Rathalos Mail ーーー Weakness Exploit 1

Rarity 4 Arm Armor

Arm Armor
Name Slots Skill|Lv
Brigade Vambraces ーーー Heavy Artillery 1
Death Stench Grip ーーー Focus 1
Diablos Vambraces ーーー Heroics 1
Gala Suit Cuffs ーーー Maximum Might 1
Ingot Vambraces ーーー Health Boost 1
Kirin Longarms ーーー Blight Resistance 1
Legiana Vambraces ーーー Airborne 1
Odogaron Vambraces ーーー Constitution 1
Orion Vambraces ーーー Windproof 1
Rathalos Vambraces ーーー Fire Resistance 1

Rarity 4 Waist Armor

Waist Armor
Name Slots Skill|Lv
Brigade Coil ーーー Geologist 1
Death Stench Bowels ーーー Dragon Attack 1
Diablos Coil ーーー Marathon Runner 1
Gala Suit Tail ーーー Slinger Capacity 1
Ingot Coil ーーー Windproof 1
Kirin Hoop ーーー Thunder Attack 1
Legiana Coil ーーー Ice Attack 1
Odogaron Coil ーーー Critical Eye 1
Orion Coat ーーー Health Boost 1
Rathalos Coil ーーー Fire Attack 1

Rarity 4 Leg Armor

Leg Armor
Name Slots Skill|Lv
Brigade Boots ーーー Scholar 1
Death Stench Heels ーーー Handicraft 1
Diablos Greaves ーーー Tremor Resistance 1
Gala Suit Slacks ーーー Divine Blessing 1
Ingot Greaves ーーー Defense Boost 1
Kirin Leg Guards ーーー Thunder Resistance 1
Legiana Greaves ーーー Ice Resistance 1
Odogaron Greaves ーーー Quick Sheath 1
Orion Boots ーーー Heroics 1
Rathalos Greaves ーーー Jump Master 1

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