Kulve Taroth Weakness and Strategy Guide | Monster Hunter World (MHW): Iceborne

Learn how to beat Kulve Taroth in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Kulve Taroth's weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

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Kulve Taroth Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Kulve Taroth Characteristics

Monster Hunter World Kulve Taroth
Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Big None None Fire None
Breakable Parts
Horns, Gold Plating, Tail

Locations and Areas Visited

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Spot
Ancient Forest ImageAncient Forest Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
Wildspire Waste ImageWildspire Waste Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
Coral Highlands ImageCoral Highlands Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
Rotten Vale ImageRotten Vale Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
ElderElder's Recess Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
Hoarfrost Reach ImageHoarfrost Reach Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
Guiding Lands ImageGuiding Lands Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!

*The starting location may change depending on the Quest.

Weakness, Body Parts, Extracts

No body part information is currently known for this Monster. Check back for more details as we continue to investigate!

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison Paral. Sleep Stun
Blast Exhaust Mount -
Flash Shock Pitfall Ivy
Dung Meat Screamer -

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Best Equipment for Kulve Taroth

Best Weapons

Thunder Weapons Useful as Kulve Taroth's gold coating makes it vulnerable to thunder.
Ice Weapons Kulve Taroth's Weakness when its gold coating comes off.

Best Skills

Partbreaker The goal of the siege is to peel off the gold from Kulve Taroth and break its horn. Partbreaker makes this an easier task.
Fire Resist Kulve Taroth's fire attacks are no joke. You'll want to make sure your fire resistance is at a decent level (or better, over 20)
Shaver Wounding Kulve Taroth is a must if you want to rapidly break a certain part.
Thunder Attack / Ice Attack More Damage.
Health Boost More survivability.

Sample Armor Loadouts (Dual Blades)

Weapon Decorations
Boundless Farsight Expert Jewel 1 x2
Armor Decorations
Head Rath Soul Helm Alpha + Vitality Jewel 1 x2
Armor Kushala Cista Beta + Elementless Jewel 2
Destroyer Jewel 2
Greaves Damascus Vambraces Alpha + Destroyer Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Waist Fulgur Coil Beta + Shaver Jewel 3
Expert Jewel 1
Legs Tentacle Greaves Beta + Destroyer Jewel 2
Charm Exploiter Charm II none

Sample Build Skill List

Handicraft 5 Weakness Exploit 3
Non-Elemental Boost 1 Critical Eye 3
Health Boost 3 Stamina Surge 2
Partbreaker 3 Speed Sharpening 1
Item Prolonger 1 Critical Boost 1
hunter guide A general raw build for the Dual Blades. It's slightly modified so we can slot in some Partbreaker for the Kulve Taroth Siege. The Destroyer Jewels can be replaced with Sprinter Jewels for extended use of Demon Mode.

Best Mantles

Temporal Mantle Free dodges and it allows you for free flinch shots.
Fireproof Mantle Greatly reduces the damage from Kulve Taroth's fire breath attacks (which is also one of its most lethal moves).
Rocksteady Mantle To protect yourself from tremors and allow you to make risky flinch shots.

How to Beat Kulve Taroth

Summary of the Hunt

Area Goal
All Areas Pressure and break parts to prevent Kulve Taroth from escaping
2 Attack and soften the chest area
・Mount to soften the gold armor
・Use explosives to destroy chest armor
2→3 Continue attacking and remove its gold armor
3 Attack and use the envitonmental hazards
4 Utilize paralysis and sleep to subdue

Example of an Ideal Run

Area Goal
2 Soften the Chest → Destroy the chest armor
3 Mount after destroying the chest armor
4 Continue the pressure to force Kulve Taroth to release its armor

Keeping the Pressure

How to Beat - Kulve Taroth 1.png
Kulve Taroth will try to escape if you do not meet the damage threshold needed in each area. Be sure to keep on attacking to prevent this from happening.

Breaking Parts and Extending the Time

Destroying body parts of Kulve Taroth will keep her in the area for more time to complete the hunt. Since the goal is to subdue Kulve Taroth not to break her parts, try to focus on dealing as much damage as you can while breaking vulnerable parts using different elemental weapons.

Breaking the Chest Armor

The chest area of Kulve Taroth can easily be injured and blown off by using explosives. Try to aim for this part the most until it breaks off since it is one of his most vulnerable parts.

Using the Wedge Beetles

How to Beat - Kulve Taroth 2.png

You can swing and grapple across the map using the wedge beetles that are scattered all over the areas during the hunt, this will allow you to mount Kulve Taroth and down her quickly for your team to deal damage. Try to do this often to maximize your damage output and break off Kulve Taroth parts as you attack with your team.

Softening Kulve Taroth

How to Beat - Kulve Taroth 3.png
Since Kulve Taroth can be pretty tough when she is wearing her gold armor, it is important to soften her parts using your clutch claws to make your attacks stronger.

It is highly recommended that you use Temporal Mantle during the hunt to avoid taking damage while focusing on breaking parts.

Use Environmental Hazards

Try to utilize the collapsable rocks that can deal massive damage on Kulve Taroth, these rocks are present in most areas and it can be quite useful especially if you are lacking damage to keep her from escaping. Using these rocks will not only down Kulve Taroth but also release her from enraging. This will allow you to use your clutch claws on both of her hind legs and tail to deal more damage

Kulve Taroth Weaknesses

How to Beat - Kulve Taroth 5.jpg
Kulve Taroth is weak against Thunder when she is wearing her golden armor, and weak against ice during the last phase. It is recommended that you use a Thunder-based affinity weapon at the beginning of the hunt and then return to camp later to switch if for an ice-based weapon once the armor is released.

Blast Damage

Blast-type weapons can also be useful in the hunt since they can deal 600 damage per proc. If used correctly and efficiently, this can be a can be highly effective especially if you do not have other elemental weapons.

Using Farcaster

As Kulve Taroth moves to the second area of the map, she will block off the path that can lead you back to area 1. Because of this, there is no way that you can walk back to the camp to replenish your items unless you use a Farcaster.

Final Phase

How to Beat - Kulve Taroth 5.png
Once Kulve Taroth has arrived in the final area, she will be enraged and there is no way to remove this unless you put her to sleep. Because of this, try to focus on putting her to sleep only during the final phase. As soon as she falls asleep, prepare large barrel bombs with the rest of your team to maximize your damage.

In addition, the Challenger Mantle can be extremely useful to keep Kulve Taroth from attacking the rest of your team while she is enraged.

Avoiding the Lava

How to Beat - Kulve Taroth 6.png
During the last phase of Kulve Taroth, she will sometimes perform an attack wherein she drops lava from the ceiling which can be pretty hard to avoid because of the camera restrictions. You can easily counter this if you are using a weapon with a shield by holding your guard. However, if you are using a different weapon, you should try to avoid the lava by rolling away from the area.

Shiny Drops

How to Beat - Kulve Taroth 7.png
A large number of lost items will drop from Kulve Taroth as you break her parts. Be sure to pick them all up as they can be used when making weapons and armors.

When to Loot Shiny Drops

It is best that you only focus on picking up these shiny drops as soon as Kulve Taroth starts to move to a different area. This will allow you to constantly attack her and keep on the pressure without losing any damage.

Quests Where Kulve Taroth Appears

Type Quest Name
Event ★9 - The Fury of El Dorado
Event ★9 - Banquet in the Earthen Hall
Event M★6 - The Eternal Gold Rush

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