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Welcome to Game8’s walkthrough wiki on ALICE Fiction, a mobile game for iOS and Android. Check out the guides below to learn about Characters, the Gacha System, rerolling, skills, items, World Memories and more!

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ALICE Fiction Latest News

ALICE Fiction News and Game Info Partial Banner

ALICE Fiction Release Date Mysterious Greek Box Event
How to Pre-Register How to Download
List of Voice Actors Does ALICE Have Multiplayer?
Is ALICE Fiction Free to Play? Is ALICE Fiction a Sequel?
List of New Features Multiplayer Guide
List of Official Trailers All Available Platforms Guide

Tier Lists

All Tier Lists

Tier List Guides
Best Characters Best Party Comps
Best Skills Best Characters to Reroll For

Tier List Top Page

ALICE Fiction Characters

List of Characters

List of All Characters

Characters Lists

Characters by ★ Rating
3★ Characters 2★ Characters
1★ Characters
Characters by Element
Fire Characters Water Characters
Wood Characters Earth Characters
Light Characters Dark Characters
Characters by Type
Attack Types Defense Types
Buff Types Debuff Types
Recovery Types

All Fire Type Characters

List of Characters
Wayland ImageWayland Mathers ImageMathers Bismarck ImageBismarck
Achilles ImageAchilles Antoinette ImageAntoinette Musashi ImageMusashi
Himiko ImageHimiko Surtr ImageSurtr

All Water Type Characters

List of Characters
Captain Drake ImageCaptain Drake Galen ImageGalen Andromeda ImageAndromeda
Kojiro ImageKojiro Viviane ImageViviane Hippocrates ImageHippocrates
Archimedes ImageArchimedes Summer Style Neu ImageSummer Style Neu Summer LovinSummer Lovin' Andromeda

All Wood Type Characters

List of Characters
Neu ImageNeu Robin Hood ImageRobin Hood Wang ImageWang
Sharizotan ImageSharizotan Michelangelo-B ImageMichelangelo-B Asclepius ImageAsclepius
Rousseau ImageRousseau Hercules ImageHercules Summer Vacation Andersen ImageSummer Vacation Andersen
Goethe ImageGoethe

All Earth Type Characters

List of Characters
Gilles ImageGilles Perseus ImagePerseus Salieri ImageSalieri
Cleopatra ImageCleopatra Lancelot ImageLancelot Qin Shi Huang ImageQin Shi Huang
Kenshin ImageKenshin Eurystheus ImageEurystheus Toshizo ImageToshizo

All Light Type Characters

List of Characters
Benkei ImageBenkei Scipio ImageScipio Nightingale ImageNightingale
Nietzsche ImageNietzsche Amadeus ImageAmadeus Longinus ImageLonginus

All Dark Type Characters

List of Characters
Andersen ImageAndersen Jack the Ripper ImageJack the Ripper Pygmalion ImagePygmalion
Hannibal ImageHannibal Joan ImageJoan Ushiwakamaru ImageUshiwakamaru
Faust ImageFaust Kanryusai ImageKanryusai

ALICE Fiction World Memories

List of World Memories

5★ WM

List of World Memories
ALICE Fiction- Difficult Genius Icon Difficult Genius ALICE Fiction- The Magic Flute Icon The Magic Flute ALICE Fiction- Folklore Folklore's Day Off
ALICE Fiction- Golden Fragment Icon Golden Fragment ALICE Fiction- Saint of the Graveyard Icon Saint of the Graveyard ALICE Fiction- Treasure in the Trash Icon Treasure in the Trash
ALICE Fiction- Undiscovered Grimoires Icon Undiscovered Grimoires ALICE Fiction- Exploratory Report Icon Exploratory Report ALICE Fiction- Sniper Sniper's Anxiety
ALICE Fiction- Undercover Investigation Icon Undercover Investigation ALICE Fiction- Noble Noble's Tea Party ALICE Fiction- Tactical Confrontation Icon Tactical Confrontation
ALICE Fiction- Afternoon Musings Icon Afternoon Musings ALICE Fiction- Remember to Rest Icon Remember to Rest ALICE Fiction- Second Miracle Icon Second Miracle
ALICE Fiction- Girls Girls' Night In ALICE Fiction- Pandora Pandora's Box ALICE Fiction- The Beloved Hero Icon The Beloved Hero
ALICE Fiction- Summer Frenzy! Icon Summer Frenzy! ALICE Fiction- Blame It on the Heat Icon Blame It on the Heat ALICE Fiction- Second Opinion Icon Second Opinion
ALICE Fiction- The Queen The Queen's Knights ALICE Fiction- Days Go By Icon Days Go By ALICE Fiction- Project Wonderland Icon Project Wonderland
ALICE Fiction- Tremendous Curiosity Icon Tremendous Curiosity ALICE Fiction- Secret Favorite Read Icon Secret Favorite Read ALICE Fiction- The Approaching Witch Icon The Approaching Witch
ALICE Fiction- A Good Catch to Me Icon A Good Catch to Me ALICE Fiction- The Girl and the Monster Icon The Girl and the Monster

4★ WM

List of World Memories
ALICE Fiction- All I Need is... Icon All I Need is... ALICE Fiction- Dragon on the Sea Icon Dragon on the Sea ALICE Fiction- Siesta Dreams Icon Siesta Dreams
ALICE Fiction- Fashionista Fashionista's Article ALICE Fiction- I I'll Protect You! ALICE Fiction- Let Destiny Take the Wheel Icon Let Destiny Take the Wheel
ALICE Fiction- Silver Fragment Icon Silver Fragment ALICE Fiction- Photo to Remember Icon Photo to Remember ALICE Fiction- Friendly Detour Icon Friendly Detour
ALICE Fiction- Can Can't Let Go ALICE Fiction- Guiding Sound Icon Guiding Sound ALICE Fiction- Sacrifice Icon Sacrifice
ALICE Fiction- Living Generously Icon Living Generously ALICE Fiction- 5 Minutes Before Icon 5 Minutes Before ALICE Fiction- Failed Conversation Icon Failed Conversation
ALICE Fiction- The First Ghost Icon The First Ghost ALICE Fiction- My Dream Life Icon My Dream Life ALICE Fiction- The King The King's Dilemma
ALICE Fiction- Family Meeting Icon Family Meeting ALICE Fiction- As Far As I Can Icon As Far As I Can ALICE Fiction- Fall into the Same Rut Icon Fall into the Same Rut
ALICE Fiction- Anti-AI Protest Icon Anti-AI Protest ALICE Fiction- To Train an Ubermensch Icon To Train an Ubermensch ALICE Fiction- Bill Bill's Report
ALICE Fiction- Waterside Repose Icon Waterside Repose

3★ WM

List of World Memories
ALICE Fiction- Anti-Queen Forces Icon Anti-Queen Forces ALICE Fiction- Lost Avatar Icon Lost Avatar ALICE Fiction- Barrier Trap Icon Barrier Trap
ALICE Fiction- Contract Icon Contract ALICE Fiction- Coppelia Incident Icon Coppelia Incident ALICE Fiction- Copper Fragment Icon Copper Fragment
ALICE Fiction- Email from the Princess Icon Email from the Princess ALICE Fiction- Mid-Day Walk Icon Mid-Day Walk ALICE Fiction- Public Order Icon Public Order
ALICE Fiction- Revival Icon Revival ALICE Fiction- Folklore Rights Icon Folklore Rights ALICE Fiction- The First 14 Icon The First 14
ALICE Fiction- The Hatter The Hatter's Verdict ALICE Fiction- Reliable Leader Icon Reliable Leader ALICE Fiction- Information Loss Icon Information Loss
ALICE Fiction- Gold Key Icon Gold Key ALICE Fiction- Rebirth of a Folklore Icon Rebirth of a Folklore ALICE Fiction- Activation of Fate Icon Activation of Fate
ALICE Fiction- World Fragment Icon World Fragment ALICE Fiction- Tart Documents Icon Tart Documents ALICE Fiction- Misanthropy Icon Misanthropy
ALICE Fiction- The Queen The Queen's Name ALICE Fiction- Admin-Integrated Processing AI Icon Admin-Integrated Processing AI ALICE Fiction- Folklore Research Icon Folklore Research
ALICE Fiction- Supercomputer Icon Supercomputer ALICE Fiction- Eclipse Icon Eclipse ALICE Fiction- The Rose Garden Icon The Rose Garden
ALICE Fiction- VR Manager AI Icon VR Manager AI ALICE Fiction- ALICE Icon ALICE ALICE Fiction- Online Handle Icon Online Handle
ALICE Fiction- The Queen Icon The Queen ALICE Fiction- Chronograph Icon Chronograph

List of Gachas

All Gachas and Banners

Available Gacha Banners
Daily Free Gacha Rare Gacha
Featured Gacha Release 3★ Gacha
Rare WM Gacha Release 5★ WM Gacha
Featured WM Gacha

ALICE Fiction Quests

Main Quest Chapter Walkthroughs

Main Quest
Chapter 1 Normal and Hard Quests Chapter 2 Normal and Hard Quests
Chapter 3 Normal and Hard Quests Chapter 4 Normal and Hard Quests
Chapter 5 Normal and Hard Quests Chapter 6 Normal and Hard Quests
Chapter 7 Normal and Hard Quests Chapter 8 Normal and Hard Quests
Chapter 9 Normal and Hard Quests Chapter 10 Normal and Hard Quests

Underground Quest Walkthroughs

Zone 01 Zone 02

Quest Walkthrough Front Page

ALICE Fiction Game Mechanics

List of All Game Mechanic Guides

Game Mechanics Partial Banner

Game Mechanics Front Page

All Game Mechanics Guides

Game Concepts
Elemental Weakness Guide How Does the Gacha System Work?
Shop Guide Attack and Skill Bonuses Explained
Combat System Explained Party Power Explained
What is Virus Damage?
How to Change Party Members How to Raise Bond Level
How to Unlock Skills How to Use Auto Mode
How to Skip Quests How to Reroll
How to Use Support Commands How to Use a Friend’s Support Character
How to Transfer Data How to Enhance & Limit Break World Memories
Stats Explained
What is Grade? What is Power?
What is Phys. Atk? What is Phys. Def?
What is Spec. Atk? What is Spec. Def?
What is Crit. Rate? What is Crit. Resist?
What is HP?

ALICE Fiction Tips and Tricks

List of All Tips and Tricks Guides

All Tips and Tricks Guides
How to Get Anima Medals Ascension Guide
Character Reroll Guide How to Get Quartz Fast
How to Get EXP Fast How to Get More Energy
How to Get Credits Fast What to Do Daily
Best Settings and How to Change Best Things to Buy at the Shop
Battle Arena Guide Team Guide

About ALICE Fiction

ALICE Fiction Logo
Title ALICE Fiction
Release Date July 27, 2022
Developer WonderPlanet Inc.
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Genre RPG, Puzzle
Official Website

ALICE Fiction is a new mobile game from WonderPlanet. The game takes place in the Metaverse known as ALICE, however you experience an error when logging in causing you to lose your memories.

Use the Gacha system to get new characters known as Folklore to join your party and fight through Quests to reveal why you lost your memories, and how to get them back.

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