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How to Wall Jump | Characters Who Can Wall Jump

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How to Wall Jump

This guide will show you how to perform a wall jump in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the easiest way to wall jump, and all characters in Smash Ultimate who can wall jump.

How to Wall Jump

Wall Jump

Select a character who has a wall jump

Wall Jumping isn't an ability that can be done by any character, but about a third of the cast can do one. Refer to our list further down below to see all characters that can perform a Wall Jump, or look at the image above. Characters marked with a circle can wall jump, while characters marked with a star can cling to walls.

How to Wall Cling | Characters Who Can Wall Cling

Tilt the left stick in the opposite direction after touching a wall

mario wall jump
Upon coming into contact with a wall while mid-air, tilt the move stick to the opposite direction of that wall. This will automatically cause your character to jump to the opposite direction. Note that you can only wall jump from a particular wall once until you grab a ledge, land, or wall jump from another wall.

Practice at Saffron City

Saffron City.jpg

If you are struggling to wall jump, we recommend going to Saffron City and practicing there. There are two walls right next to each other on the right side of the stage, so you can practice wall jumping back and forth from one wall to the other.

Wall Jump Applications

Helpful for characters with poor recoveries

Some characters, such as Cloud or Little Mac, have notably bad recoveries. Having this extra jump allows them to gain some vertical distance by wall jumping before using their recovery, which gives them a better chance of making it back.

Used as a ledge recovery mixup

For some characters, wall jumps can be used as an extra ledge recovery option, by dropping down from ledge, wall jumping, then using a B reverse (using a special like neutral B and then immediately pressing the control stick in the opposite direction) to land on the stage with an attack. This is good for characters like Young Link (Fire Arrow), Sheik (Needles), among many others who can use it to land on stage with a projectile.

Note that this recovery option should only be used as an occasional mixup however, as it is easy to counter if the opponent expects you to do it.

Characters Who Can Wall Jump

Squirtle ImageSquirtle Mario ImageMario Samus ImageSamus Dark Samus ImageDark Samus
Fox ImageFox Pikachu ImagePikachu Captain Falcon ImageCaptain Falcon Sheik ImageSheik
Dr. Mario ImageDr. Mario Pichu ImagePichu Falco ImageFalco Young Link ImageYoung Link
Mewtwo ImageMewtwo Zero Suit Samus ImageZero Suit Samus Diddy Kong ImageDiddy Kong Sonic ImageSonic
Lucario ImageLucario Toon Link ImageToon Link Wolf ImageWolf Villager ImageVillager
Mega Man ImageMega Man Wii Fit Trainer ImageWii Fit Trainer Little Mac ImageLittle Mac Greninja ImageGreninja
Pac-Man ImagePac-Man Duck Hunt ImageDuck Hunt Cloud ImageCloud Bayonetta ImageBayonetta
Inkling ImageInkling Joker ImageJoker Mii Brawler ImageMii Brawler Mii Gunner ImageMii Gunner

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