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How to Farm Gold

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Gold Farming Guide and What to Buy

This is a guide to farming Gold in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU). Read on to know how to farm gold fast, modes where you can earn gold, and where to spend your gold.

How to Farm Gold Fast

Best Ways to Farm Gold
  • Mob Smash
  • Smash Mode With Many Players
  • Clear Achievements

Clear Mob Smash

500 gold 3 Mins Mob Smash
Mob Smash pits you against a hundred fighters. They can be defeated with one or two attacks, so an individual isn't a threat, but the minimal damage they inflict will build up overtime, making the battle hard. Emerging victorious in this mode will net you massive gold in a short amount of time!

Play Smash With Many Players

Playing Smash mode can net you some gold. With many players however, the gold amount gets increased! Bring a party and duke it out with friends to get those coins!

Clear Achievements

Achievements offers rewards and some of them offer massive sums of gold. Make sure to clear the achievements below to gain a burst of gold!

Achievements That Gives Gold

(Type) Condition Reward
(Online) Play 50 Times 600g
(Online) Play 100 Times 1,200 g
(Classic) KO 15 Opponents 1,500g
(Others) Unlock 10 Fighters 1,500 g
(Adventure) Leave A Spirit At the Dojo 3 Times 1,500g
(Classic) Clear Classic Mode with Intensity 3.0 or Higher 2,500 g
(Classic) Remove an Obstacle on the map using a spirit's ability 2,000 g
(ONline) Get 100 KOs 3,000 g

Ways to Earn Gold

How to Get Gold
  • Play Smash Mode
  • Play Online
  • Play Classic Mode
  • Sell Enemy Tags
  • Play Spirit Mode

Play Smash Mode

Smash Mode.jpg
Gold is earned at the end of each game in Smash mode. The more players that participate, the more you will earn!

Play Online

Play Online
Playing online can net you some gold every match. It's a not bad strategy if you want some challenging play and to gain gold at the same time.

Play Classic Mode

SSBU Classic Mode
Classic Mode is similar to how an arcade mode would work for other fighting games. It's a series of battles with a tough boss enemy at the end. Depending on your performance, you can earn massive gold at the end of the battle.

The higher level you complete it at, the more gold you receive, so start at 5.0 intensity to net the most gold possible.

Sell Enemy Tags

Enemy tags are obtained during online mode when defeating an enemy. Each tag is unique per player, so if you want to collect and sell a massive amount of tags, it is suggested to keep searching for new opponents.

Play the Spirit Board

Spirit Mode
Spirit Mode is a challenge fight that pits you against AI with several handicaps depending on the spirit they possess. You can equip spirits too to make the battle more fair, but playing with a disadvantage (lower power level) can actually earn you more gold.

Where to Use Gold

Purchase Items in the Shop

You can purchase items in the shop. To purchase things, you'll of course, need gold! This is the primary method of spending gold, and the shop's wares refresh constantly, so be sure to check regularly for new spirits and items. Most of the items here are things you can use for Spirits mode, but there are some collectible ones like Mii costumes and even soundtracks!

Continue in Classic Mode

When you get knocked out in Classic Mode, you'll have the option of using a rare type of ticket to come back into the fight without losing intensity. Tickets are valuable, so if you aren't going for a new high score, use 500 gold to continue. Note that doing so will result in that run's intensity to plummet, but it is a cheaper way of continuing the fight if you just want to clear the game mode.

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