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20 Anonymous5 daysReport


19 Anonymous8 daysReport

Neutral air combos

18 Anonymous8 daysReport

You can do up throw, up air, or up throw forward air forward air up air

17 Avarage Dr. Mario Enjoyer12 daysReport

there are 3 ways of getting DLC spirits: 1.World Of Light 2. Shops 3. Buying the DLC Lol

16 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

My Main is Lucario and I really suck at combos but I'm good at ganking does anyone have any simple combos for Lucario that would help me with my situation

15 Anonymous2 monthsReport

I main Pikachu and Mr. Game and Watch. is there any way to improve with Pikachu?

14 Anonymous4 monthsReport

I main Captain Falcon & Palutena. Is there a third character I could play that completes the triangle and eliminates weaknesses and/or gets covered by my current characters?

13 Anonymous12 monthsReport

by getting them from the vault

12 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

How do you get DLC spirits without DLC?

11 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

I'm sure they mean competitive, so no spirits.

10 Y/M/R/Tover 1 yearReport

Shulk does have the speed option, so that’s a good choice. Or, you can use spirits that increase speed.

9 Y/M/R/Tover 1 yearReport

I think it’s easier if you are either Mario, Luigi, and Dr. Mario. Other characters work too, but since Mario, Luigi, and Dr. Mario are best at wall jumping, I would suggest that you use those 3.

8 Y/M/R/Tover 1 yearReport

I don’t really use them, but I would try to use Rosalina’s netural special. Especially if the launch is at 2.0, then Luma can send people flying at 50% damage.

7 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Depends on who it is you struggle against. I'd say generally someone like Wolf or Palu is a good secondary for any character. Byleth's largest drawback is mobility and frame data, so a character with faster options and movement is your best bet.

6 Byleth Mainabout 2 yearsReport

If you main Byleth, who are some good secondaries to cover her weaknesses? Thanks

5 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

wen you toch the wall tilt your control stick to the other way.

4 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport


3 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

That's tough because there's so many good ones. Plus, some neutral specials are really good when combined with that character's kit (Sheik needles), but wouldn't be as good on other characters. I think if you were to put in in a tier list though, of neutral specials that would work well on anyone, the top tiers would be something like this: WOLF, Shulk, Samus, Pikachu, Little Mac (KO Punch), Snake

2 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

who has the strongest neutral special

1 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Is there an easy way to wall jump>B reverse onto the stage without using my double jump? I seem to have trouble wall jumping and making it back without jumping first. Any help would be appreciated.

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