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Disciple Locations and How to Kill Disciples

MW3 Zombies Disciple
The Disciple is one of the Special Zombies that randomly spawns during events in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Read on to learn Disciple locations, tips for killing Disciples, and what the Disciples' attack patterns are.

Zombie Disciple Locations

Big Bounty Contract

Modern Warfare 3 - Zombie Disciple Locations
The Disciples are special zombies that randomly spawn in different locations. However, there are bounty contracts in the game that you can accept to hunt down special zombies, including the Disciple. Specifically, look for this Big Bounty Contract by opening the Tac Map and hovering over the contracts scattered across the map.

How to Complete Contracts

How to Kill a Disciple

How to Kill a Disciple

Upgrade Your Weapon

Modern Warfare 3 - Pack A Punch
Disciples are extremely tanky and can be challenging without weapon upgrades. Prioritize upgrading your weapon with the Pack-a-Punch before facing them.

How to Pack-a-Punch Weapons

Use Energy Mine

Modern Warfare 3 - Energy Mine
Utilize the Energy Mine, a default free Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare Zombies that pulses up to three times, dealing massive damage with each pulse. Lure the Disciple and ensure your Energy Mine hits to remove more than half of its HP.

Ask Your Squad for Help

Modern Warfare 3 - Group Up With Your Team
When confronting a Disciple, gather your squad to fight together. Due to its increased toughness, it's highly recommended to team up rather than engaging the Disciple alone.

Keep Your Distance

Modern Warfare 3 - Keep Your Distance
Just like any other zombies you encounter, maintain a safe distance and shoot from afar to avoid unnecessary damage.

Disciple Attack Patterns

Swipe Attack

Modern Warfare 3 - Swipe Attack
The Disciple's basic attack is a simple arm swing that deals moderate damage. Easily avoid this by keeping your distance from the Disciple.

How to Get Special and Elite Zombie Kills

Life Drain

One of the Disciple's unique attacks is the life drain. If the Disciple gets close enough, it will sometimes perform an attack that slowly drains your life until you are down. To stop or prevent this attack, move away from the Disciple and maintain your distance until it targets a different player.

Empower Zombies

Modern Warfare 3 - Empowered Zombies
The Disciple can empower nearby zombies in the area, making them more aggressive and powerful. As much as possible, try to quickly eliminate all zombies in the area whenever you encounter a Disciple.

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