Goblin Bane Set Overview and Bonuses | Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

This is a guide to the Goblin Bane Set in the game D&D: Dark Alliance. To know more about the pieces of the Goblin Bane Set, read on!

Goblin Bane Set Overview

Goblin Bane Set
Goblin Bane Shield ImageGoblin Bane Shield Goblin Bane Axe ImageGoblin Bane Axe
Goblin Bane Helm ImageGoblin Bane Helm Goblin Bane Bracers ImageGoblin Bane Bracers
Goblin Bane Chestguard ImageGoblin Bane Chestguard Goblin Bane Leg Guards ImageGoblin Bane Leg Guards
Goblin Bane Necklace ImageGoblin Bane Necklace Goblin Bane Ring ImageGoblin Bane Ring
This set is usable by Bruenor Battlehammer

Goblin Bane Set Bonus

No. of Pieces Set Bonus
3 +20% Incoming Damage Reduction against Taunted Monsters
5 +30% Incoming Damage Reduction against Taunted Monsters
8 +50% Duration of Taunt Ability

How to Get Goblin Bane Set

Pieces of the Goblin Bane Set have a higher chance of dropping if you farm in The Goblin's Shard. However, there is still a chance to encounter Goblin Bane Set pieces in any of the missions. Remember to set the right Challenge Rating to get the best rarity out there!

The Goblin's Shard Walkthrough

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