How to Get Skill Spheres Quickly | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Get Skill Spheres Quickly

This is a guide on how to get Skill Spheres quickly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here you can find information on where to get Skill Spheres, which enemies give the most Skill Spheres, and Skill Sphere prices in shops in the World of Light adventure mode.

How to Get Skill Spheres Quickly

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Skill Spheres Kirby

The amount of Skill Spheres you obtain from enemy Spirits is based on their rarity. So to get the most Skill Spheres in the shortest amount of time, it's best to aim for bosses and fighters as they reward you with more Skill Spheres.

Spirit Type Amount of Skill Spheres
Boss 15, 20, 30, 50
Fighter 3-10

Ways of Getting Skill Spheres

Skill Spheres Can Only Be Obtained in the World of Light

The World of Light is the only place to get more Skill Spheres. Playing the Spirit Board in Spirits mode won't earn you more Skill Spheres, but it does reward you with Spirits, Gold, and SP.

Gain Skill Spheres From Battles

By fighting enemy spirits in the World of Light, you can gain more Skill Spheres. The amount of rewarded depends on the type of Spirit you defeat.

Buy Skill Spheres From Shops

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Buying Skill Spheres
By going to shops in the World of Light, you can buy Skill Skill Spheres by spending SP. The cost of 5 Skill Spheres is 400 SP.

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