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How to Remove Obstacles in World of Light

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This is a guide on removing obstacles in the World of Light mode of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (SSBU). Read more to find out what spirits you need to access the areas hidden behind these obstacles.

World of Light Obstacle Map

Red outlines are obstacles, blue outlines are spirits that solve that obstacle

Spirits That Can Remove Obstacles

Bridge Repair

SSBU Bord & Cord & BarstBord & Cord & Barst
River Woods
SSBU Cyrus & ReeseCyrus & Reese
Misty Forest
SSBU Guts ManGuts Man
Mining Shaft
SSBU Dion Max & JackDion Max & Jack

Boulder Destruction

SSBU MouserMouser
Mining Shaft
SSBU Link (The Legend of Zelda)Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Mysterious Dimension
SSBU Poppy Bros. Jr.Poppy Bros. Jr.
Kongo Jungle
SSBU Bomb ManBomb Man
Metal Gear Base

Rainbow Creation

SSBU Ho-ohHo-oh
Molten Castle

Surf (from Southern Port to Alola Island)

SSBU LaprasLapras
South Port

Boat Transportation

SSBU KappKapp'n
Cliffside Rapids

Bus Transportation

SSBU KappKapp'n (Wild World)
Lumiose City

Raceway Driver

SSBU PicoPico
Near the Raceway

Metal Gear Base Entrance

SSBU SusieSusie
Power Plant
SSBU PorygonPorygon
Metal Gear Base
SSBU Hal EmmerichHal Emmerich
Lumiose City
Northern Area
SSBU ProtoMan.EXEProtoMan.EXE

Power Plant Activation

SSBU Great ZapfishGreat Zapfish
Power Plant

Piloting the Spaceship

SSBU Slippy ToadSlippy Toad
Power Plant
Metal Gear Base

Train Driving

SSBU Alfonzo & Engineer LinkAlfonzo & Engineer Link
Solitary Island

Plant Growth

SSBU KamekKamek
Molten Castle
SSBU Kammy KoopaKammy Koopa
Mushroom Platforms
SSBU CelebiCelebi
Sacred Land / Lost Woods
SSBU ViridiViridi
Misty Forest

SSBU World of Light Guides

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