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This is a guide for Echoing Footsteps, a Challenge in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on to learn the best way to clear the challenge as well as obtainable rewards, materials and more!

Echoing Footsteps Basic Information

Echoing Footsteps
Challenge Level Range 21-30
Recommended Level 25
Region Central Hyrule
Special Conditions Time Limited
Unlock Conditions Clear the Battle: Freeing Korok Forest
First-Clear Rewards

Echoing Footsteps - Materials and Enemies

Battlefield-Specific Materials

Does not drop battlefield materials

List of Materials

Main Enemies

Hinox Icon Hinox

List of Enemies

Echoing Footsteps Walkthrough

Echoing Footsteps Map

  1. Defeat the Hinox and key enemies
  2. Defeat Stone Talus and Key Enemies
  3. Defeat the Lynel and Key Enemies

Echoing Footsteps - Tips and Strategy Guide

This challenge poses a great deal of difficulty to players mainly because of the number of Powerful Foes that you need to defeat within a given time. Given that this challenge appears quite early in the game, the player might encounter a sudden difficulty spike.

This challenge has 3 stages, each requiring you to defeat a group of Moblins and a more powerful monster in 4 minutes.

Stage 1 2 Moblins 1 Hinox
Stage 2 2 Moblins 1 Stone Talus
Stage 3 3 Moblins 1 Lynel

Here are some tips and tricks to fight your way through this challenge!

Use Effective Map Positioning

Always position yourself to fight off the Moblins first before focusing on the more powerful foe. Also, make sure that you fight the Moblins somewhere far from the more powerful foe. This assures that you can deal damage more effectively while maintaining survivability.

Stage 1

Echoing Footsteps Stage 1 Map.jpg

If possible, bunch the Moblins together on the watery part of the map. This is a safe distance away from the Hinox and a perfect landscape to use the Lightning Rod to stun the Moblins together.

Afterwards, focus on the Hinox. You may also lure it onto the watery portion of the map and use the Lightning Rods!

Stage 2

Stage 2 Arena Map

Keep the two Moblins inside the circular arena. The Stone Talus is going to be beyond the arena so you can safely focus on the Moblins.

It is also very slow so this gives you more time to effectively deal damage to the Moblins. Afterwards, defeat the Stone Talus!

Stage 3

Echoing Footsteps Stage 3 Map

For Stage 3, we suggest luring the 3 Moblins away from the position of the Lynel. This way, you can avoid attracting the aggro of the Lynel.

Approach the Moblins from the farthest points away from the Lynel and let them approach you. This will let you fight them in a position as far away from the Lynel as possible.

Once you have picked off all the Moblins, defeat the Lynel!

Use Elemental Rods and Sheikah Runes

Since this challenge focuses mainly on efficient and fast damage output, we suggest using runes and elemental rods to expose the enemy's Weak-Point Gauge.

Use Elemental Rods

Lightning Rod on Water

Fire Rods are effective against Ice Enemies, Ice Rods against Fire Enemies, and Lightning Rods against enemies on water.

How to Use Rods

Use Stasis to Extend the Weak-Point Gauge

Stasis for Weak-Point Gauge

The Stasis rune allows you to extend the hitting duration of an enemy's Weak-Point Gauge. Just use it when the Weak-Point Gauge is exposed to attacks.

Use Remote Bombs to Hit the Weak-Point Gauge Directly

Remote Bombs for Weak-Point Gauge

Take note that the Remote Bomb rune deals damage directly to the enemy's Weak-Point Gauge. Do not hesitate to use it when the full Weak-Point Gauge is close to breaking.

Sheikah Runes Guide: How to Use Runes in Battle

Use Impa

AoE Special Attack from Impa

Impa's AoE Special-Attack works wonders for this challenge, especially when powerful foes are clumped together. Her Special-Attack gauge also fills up quickly because there are a lot of lesser monsters in the field. Just make sure to collect 3 symbols first before using her Special-Attack for a boosted damage!

Impa Usage Guide, Builds, Combos, and How to Unlock

Use Cooking

Echoing Footsteps Cooking

We suggest using offensive food recipes here that increases Attack and Perfect-Dodge Timing Window. This allows you to inflict more damage to the Weak-Point Gauge more frequently via Flurry Rush.

Cooking Guide and List of Recipes

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3 Anonymous11 days

>>1 You're literally standing next to your salvation. Cryonis, Ice, and Shock will obliterate him and the rest. And if he gets too far out he'll be in grass for a Fire. Only problem I had was getting him stuck on the little rocks and Blue Moblin throwing bokobs. That's why I take him out on the way. It's too hard to tell the difference between bokoblins knocked down from Moblins walking and bokoblins knocked down from being hit by a flying one. The Talus is harder for strategy.

2 Matt6 months

Oh! And he CAN hit you if he goes up the steps. Just not from the side

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