How To Obtain Titan

This is the page for Game8's guide to summoning the Hexatheon Titan. Details about this summon, as well as stats, what to expect when encountering it for the first time, and where to find it is found here.

Titan General Information


Basic Stats

HP 213,000 LVL 25
Size 5 EXP 0
Vitality 76 Strength 580
Parry? No

Strengths and Weaknesses

Physical Damage
Sword 100% Shield 100%
Greatsword 100% Spear 100%
Dagger 100% Gun 100%
Machine 100%
Elemental Damage
Fire 100% Ice 100%
Lightning 100% Light 100%

Titan Moveset

Summon Move
Gaia's Wrath Titan pounds the ground with his fist, raising columns of stone.

Where To Get Titan

Titan can be summoned after facing off against him in Chapter IV - Trial of Titan. For more information, click on the link below:
The Trial of Titan - Story Walkthrough and Guide

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