Elemancy System and How to Use Spells

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This is a guide for Elemancy in Final Fantasy XV. Read on to learn more about Elemancy and how to use the spells crafted through it!

Crafting Spells Through Elemancy

Crafting Spells and Potency

The Elemancy system lets you craft spells using the elemental energy that you absorb from elemental deposits or from enemies defeated with element-absorbing weapons.

Elemental Deposit

The power of the crafted spell depends on its potency and its potency depends on the amount of elemental energy that you invested on the spell.


The element of the spell depends on what element is dominant on the spell.

For example: 10 fire + 4 ice will produce Fire and 99 fire + 1 ice + 1 lightning will produce Fira. There are certain Ascension abilities that will boost the spell crafting power, which makes crafting higher tier spells possible using fewer elemental energy.

Potency Fire element Ice element Lightning element
0 - 99 Fire Blizzard Thunder
100 - 199 Fira Blizzara Thundara
200+ Firaga Blizzaga Thundaga

Crafting Unicast Spells

However, if you use all three elements but not one of them makes up the majority of the spell, it will turn into Unicast.

For example: 50 fire + 30 ice + 30 lightning will produce Unicast II because even though you used more fire element than the other elements, you did not use more fire than ice and lightning combined.

Unicast will randomly cast any of the three elemental spell with the same tier.

Additional Effects Using Catalysts

A fourth item can be added in crafting spells as a catalyst. Items that can be used as catalysts give different additional effects with can be triggered after casting the spell.


Cast a spell up to two times

Dualcast Catalysts
Anak Antlers Fine Tail Feathers Scaled Skin
Basilisk Plumage Garula Tusk Sharp Bone
Bullet Carapace Hairy Horn Shattered Timepiece
Caem Pinkshrimp Hard Whiskers Sheep Milk
Chrome Bit Havocfang Hide Strong Bone
Cleigne Darkshell Magnificent Tail Feathers Superior Restorative
Cleigne Mollusk Metal Scrap Supple Tail
Cockatrice Tail Feathers Remedy Tiny Feather
Crab Carapace Rough Scales Tough Shell
Ether Sahagin Scale Voretooth Bristles


Cast a spell up to three times

Tricast Catalysts
Beautiful Plummage Crooked Helixhorn Dragon Scales
Elixir Garula Fur Giant Feather
Giant Hairy Horn Glass Gemstone Great Garula Tusk
Hard Scale Heavy Scale Hi Elixir
Kujata Marrow Mesmenir Horn Phoenix Down
Rough Shell Sahagin Liver Schier Tumeric
Shield Spike Smoking Wood Spiked Armor
Sturdy Helixhorn - -


Cast a spell up to four times

Quadcast Catalysts
Allural Shallot Beautiful Hide Beetle Shell
Behemoth Horn Catoblepas Fang Curved Hollowhorn
Downy Feathers Earth Gemstone Giant Curlhorn
Gorgeous Plummage Great Anak Antlers Greatsnake Crest
Gralean Medal of Distinction Hulldagh Nutmeg Kettier Ginger
Mega Phoenix Monster Claw Mythril Shaft
Sharp Tail Feathers Tenebraen Oak Thunderoc Feather


Cast a spell up to five times

Quintcast Catalysts
Colorful Griffon Claw Dragon Horn
Griffon Claw Hydraulic Cylinder
Imperial Medal of Honor Large Hollowhorn
Megalixir Magitek Core
Magnetron Malboro Eye
Mandrake Flower Reflex Enhancer
Scarlet Splinterbone -


Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Poison status, which deals damage over time

Venomcast Catalysts
Barbed Poison Needle
Deadly Stinger
Enormous Stinger
Insect Stinger
Magitek Booster
Maiden's Kiss
Scorpion Barb
Sharp Bristles


Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Enervated status, which lowers all attributes

Curecast Catalysts
Alstroom Anak Fetlock
Arba Spur Translucent Skin
Centipede Feet Centipede Jaw
Centipede Legs Centipede Teeth
Crimson Tongue Fearsome Hoof
Fine Slimy Oil Smelling Salts
Worn Incisor -


Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Stop status, which freezes the afflicted unit in time

Stopcast Catalysts
Ammonite Fossil
Ancient Dragon Tooth
Broken Harmonica
Fossil Shell
Fossil Wood


Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Instant Death status, which kills the afflicted unit immediately

Killcast Catalysts
Big Scorpion Stinger
Coeurl Whiskers
Gold Needle
Malboro Vine
Scorpion Stinger
Strong Whiskers


Either cast a spell with improved damage or cast nothing at all

Failcast Catalysts
Iron Shavings
Rusted Bit
Sky Gemstone


Cast a spell with a chance of not consuming it

Freecast Catalysts
Beautiful Bottle
Cactuar Needle
Jumbo Needle
Mythril Ingot
Platinum Ingot


Cast a spell that deals damage on both the target and the caster

Blastcast Catalysts
Giant Crab Pincers
Prawn Antennae
Strong Pinchers


Cast a spell and obtain EXP for the whole party

Expericast Catalysts
Arapaima Roe
Cockatrice Crest
Debased Banknote
Debased Coin
Debased Silverpiece
Fine Crest
Magnificent Crest
Old Book
Rare Coin


Cast a spell with improved damage but in first tier

Powercast Catalysts
Small Beak


Cast a spell and heal the caster which can also restore max HP

Healcast Catalysts
Aegir Root Cleigne Wheat
Cup Noodles Saxham Rice
Fine Cleigne Wheat Hi-Potion
Wild Onion Killer Tomato
Leiden Potato Leiden Sweet Potato
Lucian Tomato Mega-Potion
Potion Treant Trunk
Ulwaat Berries -

Maxicast / Limit Break Spells

Cast the spell's highest tier (Flare, Freeze, Electon, Maxicast) which can break the damage limit

Maxicast / Limit Break Catalysts
Dragon Claw
Hardened Hide
Hunter's Medal
Rotten Splinterbone
Wind-up Lord Vexxos
Zu Beak

Using Spells in Battle

After you craft a spell, go to the Gear menu and equip the spell to one of your weapon slots. If you want to equip it on the other members, use their secondary weapon slot.

When using Noctis in battle, select the spell to wield it. You can now then lock in to an enemy using R1 then cast the spell using to cast in on the target.


You can also hold and move the Left stick to cast the spell on a specific location.

Casting a spell, whether by Noctis or the other members, will put all of the party's spells in cooldown.

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