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How to Get the Precision War Handles Pommel: Stats and Upgrades

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This is a page for the Precision War Handles Pommel for the Blades of Chaos in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn about this Pommel's stats, upgrades, effects, as well as how to get the Precision War Handles!

Precision War Handles Basic Information

Precision War Handles Basic Information

Precision War Handles
Weapon Blades of Chaos
Rarity Rare
Effect PIERCING STRENGTH: Moderate Perk activation chance to grant a Gift of STRENGTH on successfully landing Spear of Chaos on an airborne enemy.

Precision War Handles Stats and Upgrades

Stats and Upgrades

Level 4
Stats Cost
12 Strength
6 Luck
10000 Hacksilver

How to Get the Precision War Handles

Precision War Handles Location

Precision War Handles Location
Crafted from Brok or Sindri
Crafting Cost 10000 Hacksilver

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