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This is a list of all the Aeon Abilities that are learnable in the game Final Fantasy X (FFX FF 10). Read on to find more information about learning Aeon abilities!

Aeon Abilities

Aeon Learnable Skills

Ability Name Effect
Dark Attack Inflicts darkness on an enemy for 3 turns.
Silence Attack Silences an enemy for 3 turns.
Sleep Attack Pits an enemy to sleep for 3 turns.
Dark Buster Almost always inflicts darkness on an enemy for 1 turn.
Silence Buster Almost always silences an enemy for 1 turn.
Sleep Buster Almost always puts an enemy to sleep for 1 turn.
Zombie Attack Inflicts an enemy with zombie status.
Triple Foul Sleep, silence, and darkness on an enemy for 3 turns.
Delay Attack Delays action of an enemy.
Delay Buster Greatly delays action of an enemy.
Extract Power Makes on enemy drop Power Spheres.
Extract Mana Makes one enemy drop Mana Spheres.
Extract Speed Makes one enemy drop Speed Spheres.
Extract Ability Makes one enemy drop Ability Spheres.
Power Break Lowers an enemy's Strength.
Magic Break Lowers an enemy's Magic.
Armor Break Lowers an enemy's Defense and nullifies armored.
Mental Break Lowers an enemy's Magic Defense
Full Break Inflicts Power, Magic, Armor, and Mental Break.

Aeon Learnable Specials

Ability Name Effect
Pray Restores some HP to all allies.
Cheer Raises party's Strength and Defense.
Aim Raises party's Accuracy.
Focus Raises party's Magic and Magic Defense.
Reflex Raises party's Evasion.
Lancet Absorb HP & MP from an enemy.
Doublecast Cast two black magic spells in a row.

Aeon Learnable White Magics

Ability Name Effect
Cure Restores some HP.
Cura Restores a lot of HP.
Curaga Restores a massive amount of HP.
NulBlaze Nullifies one fire attack on party.
NulShock Nullifies one lightning attack on party.
NulTide Nullifies one water attack on party.
NulFrost Nullifies one ice attack on party.
Scan View an enemy's data.
Life Revives a KO'd character.
Full-Life Revives a KO'd character and fully restores HP.
Haste Speeds up one character.
Hastega Speeds up party.
Slow Slows an enemy down.
Slowga Slows all enemies down.
Shell Raises a character's Magic Defense.
Protect Raises a character's Defense.
Reflect Target reflects spells towards enemy.
Dispel Negates all spell effects on an enemy.
Regen Target gradually recovers HP for a time.
Holy Deals holy damage to an enemy.

Aeon Leanable Black Magics

Ability Name Effect
Fire Deals fire damage to an enemy.
Thunder Deals lightning damage to an enemy.
Water Deals water damage to an enemy.
Blizzard deals ice damage to an enemy.
Fira Deals fire damage to an enemy.
Thundara Deals lightning damage to an enemy.
Watera Deals water damage to an enemy.
Blizzara Deals ice damage to an enemy.
Firaga Deals fire damage to an enemy.
Thundaga Deals lightning damage to an enemy.
Waterga Deals water damage to an enemy.
Blizzaga Deals ice damage to an enemy.
Bio Poisons an enemy.
Demi Reduces HP of all enemies by 1/4.
Death Can instantly KO an enemy.
Drain Absorb HP from an enemy.
Osmose Absorb MP from an enemy.
Flare Deals non-elemental damage to an enemy.
Ultima Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies.

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