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This is the story walkthrough of the Training Center location (Chapter 3) for the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Chapter 3: Training Center Story Walkthrough

Tip Draw 100 Sleeps from Grats and Junction it into your Status Attacks to beat T-Rexxaur in the Training center
Requires Siren's ST-ATK Junction to work.
1 Head to the northern part of the Training Center.
2 Prepare for a Boss Battle and head out of the Training Center.
3 Granaldo and RaldoBoss Battle: Granaldo and Raldo
4 Head back to your room.
5 Head out to the front gate and talk to Cid. Cid will give you the Magical Lamp.
7 Save your game then use the Magical Lamp
8 DiablosBoss Battle: Diablos
9 Head to Balamb Town and head left from the man sitting on a bench then enter the station.
10 Follow Zell Inside

Chapter 3: Training Center - Boss Battle

Granaldo and Raldo

Granaldo and Raldo
Granaldo is a good battle to try out some GFs. With 3 Raldos fighting by its side, the battle end quickly if you are unprepared. For more information about Granaldo and Raldo, see the link below.

How to Beat Granaldo

Chapter 3: Training Center - Optional Boss Battle


The battle may seem impossible with Diablo's Absurd amount of HP, but with the proper setup, this battle is a cinch. It is an optional boss, but the sooner you beat him, the better. For more information about Diablos, see the link below.

How to Beat Diablos

Chapter 3: Training Center - Obtainables

List of Key Items

Item Location
Magical Lamp Talk to Cid before proceeding with your first SeeD mission to acquire this item
Pet Pals Vol.1 Talk to Zell inside the train room to obtain this magazine.

Magical Lamp

Magical Lamp.jpg

Talk to Cid before leaving for the next mission to acquire Magical Lamp. This item contains GF Diablos. Save your game and fight him to get new GF. Having trouble with Diablos? Refer to the boss section on this page.

Pet Pals Vol.1

Pet Pals.jpg

During the Timber mission, follow Zell and enter the room. Talk to Zell to get Pet Pals Vol.1.

List of Draw Points

Draw Point Location
blizzard draw point.jpgBlizzard Obtained from a draw point in the training room.

Blizzard Draw Point in Training Room

blizzard draw point.jpg

Go to the Training Room and keep walking until you see this path then turn right. This Draw Point rewards you with Blizzard Magics.

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