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Flashing Blade - Effect

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This page lists the Effect of the Skill Flashing Blade in the game Epic Seven (Epic 7). Read on for information on the Skill Enhance for Flashing Blade, and which Heroes can learn the Skill Flashing Blade.

This page is for a currently unreleased Skill and some information may be inacurate. Check back later when Camilla is released in the Covenant Summon!

Flashing Blade - Effect


Flashing Blade Acquire Turns
Acquire 1 Soul 0
Attacks the enemy, with a 35% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns. When the caster is granted increase Attack, triggers a Dual Attack from the ally with the highest Attack.
Add Effect
・Decreases Defense by 30%
・Chance to attack an enemy with basic skill after an ally has attacked them with basic skill, unless unable to act. Cannot be triggered by counterattacks.
Soulburn Effect Consume 10 Soul
Increases effect chance to 100%


This Skill doesn't Awaken.

Skill Enhance

+1 +5% damage dealt
+2 +5% effect chance
+3 +5% damage dealt
+4 +5% effect chance
+5 +10% damage dealt
+6 +5% effect chance
+7 +10% damage dealt

Heroes who learn Flashing Blade

CamillaCamilla Rating 6.5/10
・Dual attacks if she has increased Attack buff
・Her S3 reduces damage inflicted on her

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