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Welcome to the Walkthrough Wiki of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Story and dungeon walkthroughs, side quests, maps, items, as well as enemy information for Link's Awakening and more can all be found here. Read on for tips and strategies that will help you progress through the game.

Link's Awakening Story Walkthrough

Stroy Walkthrough
Story Walkthrough

Level 1 - Tail Cave Level 2 - Bottle Grotto
Level 3 - Key Cavern Level 4 - Angler's Tunnel
Level 5 - Catfish's Maw Level 6 - Face Shrine
Level 7 - Eagle's Tower Level 8 - Turtle Rock
Color Dungeon Wind Fish's Egg

Link's Awakening Side Quests

SIde Quests
Side Quests

Trading Sequence Chamber Dungeons
Piece of Heart Locations Secret Seashell Locations

Link's Awakening - Mini Games

Mini Games

Trendy Game Fishing Pond
Rapids Ride Rewards and Walkthrough

Link's Awakening - Enemies


List of All Enemies

Overworld Enemies Dungeon Enemies
Traps Mini-Bosses

Link's Awakening - Items


All Items and Equipment

Equipment Dungeon Items
Keys Trading Items
Figures Miscellaneous
Instruments of the Sirens

Link's Awakening - Maps and Locations

Maps and Locations

Koholint Island Maps and Locations

Warp Points Item Upgrades
Great Fairies Shops and Mini-Games
Dungeons Telephone Booths

Link's Awakening - Useful Information

Useful Info

Useful Information and Tips

List of Characters Controls and Techniques
Easter Eggs and Secrets Rupee Farming
Hero Mode Town Tool Shop/Stealing

Link's Awakening - Speedrun Guides

Speedrunning Guides

Speedrunning Guide

Speedrun Guide (Any%) Speedrun Guide (100%)
Movement Information and Tips Speedrunning Techniques and Glitches
Shortcuts and Skips

What Kind of Game is The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening?

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Price $59.99 USD/ $79.99 CAD
Platform Nintendo Switch
Genre Action/Adventure
Publisher Nintendo
Official Site The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Relive the Exciting Storyline

Koholint Island - Link
Stranded on Koholint Island after surviving a shipwreck, join Link as he discovers the secrets and mysteries of the Wind Fish to escape the Island.

New Features and Contents

Chamber Dungeon - Link
Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch has several new features that were not available on previous versions. Build your own dungeons with Chamber Dungeons and enjoy upgraded versions of the classic mini-games!

Exciting Dungeons

Color Dungeon Header.jpg
You will have explore various dungeons where you will encounter a wide variet of enemies. Use dungeon items to clear the path and solve the many puzzles!

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