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This is a guide to missable items, GFs, and events in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FF VIII). Read on to learn about all sections in FF8 that cannot be revisited after missing them.

General Missables

1 Most sidequests are no longer accessible in Disc 4. Better do sidequests before defeating Seifer for the 4th time.
2 There are specific characters you should take along to trigger better events and items. For instance, Rinoa and Zell in Balamb Garden during Rebellion.
3 Bringing Zell along when going to Balamb Town triggers several conversations and revelations.
4 Key Items such as Battle Meter are highly missable and could no longer be found anywhere in the game.
5 Some GFs can be drawn from Bosses.
6 There are items that greatly affect the game later such as the Laguna Dream 2 keys.

Missable Items

Disc 1

7 cards Magical Lamp
Pet Pals Vol.1 Pet Pals Vol.2
Old Key 1 Old Key 2
Weapons Mon May -

7 cards

Elevator guy .jpg

Acquire the seven cards from the man standing by the elevator before going to Fire Cavern mission.

Battle Meter

Battle Meter 1.jpg

Talk to Headmaster Cid before leaving the seed inauguration scene.

Laguna Dream 2 Old keys

Old Key 1.jpg

From the Sleep Draw Point, go right until you find a ladder. Use the ladder to descend from the bridge. Head straight then go left to find the Old Key 1 and pick it up.

Old Key 2.1.jpg

From the Old Key 1 location, keep going straight until you find a ladder at the right side. There's another key for you to pick up here. Get it to drop it again.

Disc 2

Combat King 001 Str Up
Pet Nametag Pet House
Cottage Rename Card
Tent Mega Phoenix
Remedy Gysahl Greens
X-Potion Elixir
Weapons Mon Jun -

Disc 3

Occult Fan III Megalixir
Cottage Weapons Mon Aug
Timber Maniacs Magazine 12 Rename Card
Weapons Mon 1st Occult Fan IV
Combat King 004 Solomon Ring
Rosetta Stone Combat King 005
LuvLuv G Phoenix Pinion

Disc 4

Treasure Key Vault Armor Key
Prison Key Floodgate Key
Rosetta Stone -

Treasure Key Vault

Treasure Key Room.jpg

You can find the tresure key vault near the fountain and near the slow draw point.

Armor Key

Armor Key 1.jpg
Armor Key 2.jpg

From the Dispel draw point location, go right. You will see a brige and an item on it. Walk slowly to prevent it from falling out of the bridge. The armor key is necessary to open the armor room where the Gargantua dwells.

If you dropped the key, you can still get it from the basement's waterways.

Prison Key

Prison Key .jpg

Get the prison key from a woman-like statue near the prison room. This another key item to make the sealed spirit Red Giant appear.

Floodgate Key

Floodgate Key .jpg

The floodgate key can be found in the storage room. Use the second elevator lift to get there.

Missable GFs

Siren Diablos
Carbuncle Leviathan
Pandemona Cerberus
Alexander Eden
Odin Doomtrain

Missable Events

Disc 1

Joining the Garden Festival Committee

Selphie Festival.jpg

Agree to tour Selphie when accidentally bumping into her. Then, find her in the quad and join the Garden Festival Committee.

Cafeteria Students Graduating

Cafeteria Boys.jpg
Garden Students in Winhill 2.jpg

Talking to the three students in the cafeteria every time lead them to graduating. Otherwise, they will not graduate and you will find them in Winhill.

Cafeteria Lady Reunites with her Son

Cafeteria Lady.jpg

Interact with the cafeteria lady and she will tell you about her son. Doing her requests will lead her to reunite with her son.

Quistiss and Squall Conversation in Training Center

Quistiss Cinematic Scene - Training Center.jpg
Quistiss Cinematic Scene - Training Center 1.jpg
Quistiss Cinematic Scene - Training Center 2.jpg
Quistiss Cinematic Scene - Training Center 3.jpg
Quistiss Cinematic Scene - Training Center 4.jpg
Quistiss Cinematic Scene - Training Center 5.jpg

During the Training Center exploration at night with Quistiss, visit the cave-like tunnel near the save point.

Doing so, triggers a Squall and Quistiss conversation and cinematics.

Story Walkthrough: Training Center (Chapter 3)

Squall Displaying his Gunblade and Magic Skills

Squall Gunblade.jpg
Squall Gunblade 2.jpg

Interact with the man near the classroom. It triggers Squall to display his skills but as Instructor Aki appears he will be reprimanded and lose seed rank.

Strolling Around Balamb Town in Seed Uniform

Squall in Seed Uniform 2.jpg

You have the option to tour Balamb Town wearing your seed uniform and talk wiith everyone in town. Note: You can do this before and after Dollet Exam.

Zell Triggers Conversations Around Balamb Town

Zell in Balamb Town 8.jpg
Zell in Balamb Town 4.jpg
Zell in Balamb Town 5.jpg
Zell in Balamb Town 6.jpg
Zell in Balamb Town .jpg
Zell in Balamb Town 3 .jpg
Zell in Balamb Town.jpg
Zell in Balamb Town 2.jpg

Taking Zell along in Balamb Town leads to several conversations when talking to the residents.

Rinoa Comment on Squall in Zell's House

Rinoa Comment on Squall.jpg

Bringing Rinoa, along with Zell, in Zell's house triggers Rinoa to say a harsh comment against Squall.

Quistiss Defeating BGH251F2 Cinematic

Quistiss Defeating BGH251F2 3.jpg
Quistiss Defeating BGH251F2 4.jpg
Quistiss Defeating BGH251F2 5.jpg
Quistiss Defeating BGH251F2 .jpg

You have the choose to defeat or runaway from BGH251F2 in Dollet.

However, if you kill BGH251F2, you will miss the cinematic of Quistiss beating the machine into a pulp.

Story Walkthrough: Dollet Exam (Chapter 2)

Getting Blocked by Two Machines in Dollet

Block by two BGH251F2 1.jpg
Block by two BGH251F2.jpg

When you revisit Dollet after the exam, you have the option to talk to the soldier guarding the way to the Dollet Tower. Force your way in and get blocked by BGH251F2 twice.

Couple Meet in Dollet

Girlfriend Boyfriend in Dollet.jpg

Find the couple meeting in the wrong place in Dolett. Talk to both and they will eventually meet in front of the pub.

Money from the Cupboard

You can take 500 Gil from a cupboard in a house in Timber. Just bang the cupboard and the money will eventually come out.

Talking to Watts in Timber

Talking to Watts as Galbadian Soldier in Timber.jpg

Talk to the Galbanian Soldier near the Timber Maniacs building. You would not have to battle, it is Watts dressed in Galbadia soldier uniform.

Story Walkthrough: Timber (Chapter 4)

Train Scene in Timber

You have the option to walk out of town in Timber after defeating the soldiers threatening the guards.

If you choose to walk, you will miss the train scene going to East Academy.

Looking out of the window in Timber Resistance Member's House

Fat Cat 1.jpg
Fat Cat .jpg

Talk to the kids on the second floor. They will tell you about a cat. Looking out of the window effects the cat getting fat later on.

Save the Girl From the Train in Timber

Save the Girl - Timber.jpg

Rescue the girl on the train tracks in Timber. This earns you a free stay in the Timber Hotel and also a news appearance.

Examine Ladders in Deling Sewers

Ladders in the Sewer.jpg

Examining ladders during the Deling Sewers getaway gives shortcuts.

Story Walkthrough: Deling City (Chapter 7)

Disc 2

Talking to Moombas Create Shortcuts

Cottage Item.jpg

During the D-District Prison chapter, talk to all Moombas and they will create shortcuts.

Story Walkthrough: D-District Prison (Chapter 8)

Talking to the Boy near the Emergency Exit

Boy Near the Emergency Exit 2.jpg
Boy Near the Emergency Exit.jpg

When you talk to the boy near the emergency exit on the second floor during the Balamb Garden Rebellion, Xu will arrive.

Squall and Rinoa Date Tour

Bringing Rinoa in the Balamb Garden instead of the Missile Base triggers a date tour around the garden.

Zell in the Cafeteria After Balamb Rebellion

Rinoa & Squall Tour Around Balamb 10.jpg
Rinoa & Squall Tour Around Balamb

Bringing Zell along during the Balamb Garden Rebellion triggers Zell conversation in the Cafeteria.

Rinoa Viewing Outside Balamb Garden

Rinoa Cinematic Viewing Outside Balamb .jpg

When Rinoa is in your party during the Balamb Garden Rebellion, a cinematic will show when you go outside and view the scenery.

Master Fisherman Revelations

Master Fisherman 5.jpg
Master Fisherman 6.jpg

Doing the Master Fisherman's request will reveal the connection of Fisherman's Horizon to Esthar and will also reward you a Mega Phoenix when completed.

Talking to Rinoa in Fisherman's Horizon after Boss Battle

Rinoa & Squall in Fisherman
Rinoa & Squall in Fisherman

Interacting with Rinoa after Boss Fight triggers unique conversation between her and Squall.

Story Walkthrough: Fisherman's Horizon (Chapter 11)

Talking to Mayor Dobe after Boss Battle

Interact with Mayor Dobe after Boss Battle in Fisherman's Horizon to trigger speech from Squall.

Helping the Grease Monkey Resident

Bring along Irvine then go back to Fisherman's Horizon. Revisit the Grease Monkey Resident and intimidate the Galabadian soldier.

Disc 3

Drone Destroying Monsters Cinematic

Drone Cinematic in Lunar Base.jpg
Drone Cinematic in Lunar Base 1.jpg
Drone Cinematic in Lunar Base 4.jpg
Drone Cinematic in Lunar Base 3.jpg

Check the control panel monitor to view the drone destroying monsters in Lunar Base before joining Ellone in the escape pod.

Story Walkthrough: Lunar Base (Chapter 19)

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