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This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Balamb VS Galbadia in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

Balamb VS Galbadia Story Walkthrough

1 The location for the event is located on the southern continent near the orphanage.
2 Make sure to keep the hotdogs safe Give out your commands, then head down to the 2nd floor and talk to everyone.
3 Head to the quad on the first floor.
4 When you take control of Zell, equip your GFs then head to the Quad.
5 Head to the front gate, Equip GFs, then head to the Classroom (2nd Floor).
6 After the battle, talk to the Seed guarding the juniors, then head to the bridge (3rd floor).
7 Head to the 2nd floor, then talk to the kid. The next 2 choices are "Look around for another option" and "Press the button for the emergency exit".
8 Keep hitting the soldier. After taking Rinoa, keep running to the left.
9 Head to the right then take the stairs to the 2nd floor, head left and enter the door on the right. Talk to the student.
10 Get back to the entrance then take the left path.
11 Unlock the door to the left and head through the field. Open the door to the right and talk to the student.
12 Head to the 3rd floor, near the area where Raijin and Fujin are waiting.
13 Head to Galbadia Hall.
14 (Optional Boss Battle) Cerberus
15 Head to the hallway on the lower left side of the hall, then enter the door to the left. Talk to the student.
16 Head to the upper left hall, turn right, then left. Ride the elevator.
17 Boss Battle Seifer (2nd)
18 Boss Battle Edea and Seifer

Card Key Locations

A section detailing the locations of all the card keys needed to navigate in Galbadia Garden.

Card key [1]

Card 1.jpg
From Raijin and Fujin's location, go left. Open the second door to receive the first card key.

Card Key [2]

Card 2.jpg
From the hockey rink, go to the hallway and enter the room on the opposite side. You will encounter a male student here with the second card key.

Card key [3]

Card 3.jpg
From the main hall,head south left. From here, go straight, then enter the left door. Talk to the girl you see to receive the third card key.

Balamb VS Galbadia - Item list

Item Quantity Location
Cottage x1 Receive from a kid passing by the hallway.
Aura Random Acquire from a hidden draw point near the entrance to the Garden.
Protect Random Go to the first unlocked door and find a draw point.
Life Random Draw Point found by going left at the back of the hockey area.


Cottage 2.jpg
Go to the second floor and enter the study room. When out in the hallway, you will encounter a boy passing by. Talk to him to obtain Cottage.

Aura Draw Point

Auras Draw Point.jpg
From the entrance, go right and you will find a hidden draw point containing Aura.

Protect Draw Point

Protect Draw Point 2.jpg
Unlock the first door and head straight to arrive at the Protect Draw Point.

Life Draw Point

Hockey Back Door - Life.jpg
From the hockey location, enter the back left door. You will find a draw point giving you Life Magic.

Balamb VS Galbadia - Boss Battle


A wandering GF! Defeating Cerberus will earn you a new GF (Cerberus himself!). With his access to spells like Quake and Aero that target your whole party, this boss will be hard to beat without the proper preparation. For more information about Cerberus, see the link below.

(Optional) How to Beat Cerberus | Final Fantasy VIII

Seifer (2nd)

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered_20190917144405.jpg
The Sorceress's Knight. With strong physical attacks and fire magic attacks, this battle can prove to be a challenge without a good character setup. For more information about Seifer (2nd battle), see the link below.

How to Beat Seifer (2nd) | Final Fantasy VIII

Edea and Seifer


For Seifer, the same strategy used previously can be applied here. Edea will be a bit more challenging so you will definitely want to keep Carbuncle handy. Additionally, make sure to draw Alexander from Edea before the battle is over. For more info, as well as tips and strategy for this battle, see the link below.

How to Beat Seifer (3rd) and Edea (2nd) | Final Fantasy VIII

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