Triple Triad Card List

This is a list of all Triple Triad cards in the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). Click on any of the links to see all cards of that level.

Triple Triad Card List

Monster Cards
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Boss Cards
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GF Cards
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Character Cards
Level 10

What is Triple Triad?

The Final Fantasy 8 Card Game

FF8 Features a unique and catchy mini-game called Triple Triad. Triple Triad is so popular in the ff8 universe that nearly everyone plays it. The cards feature monsters, boss monsters, GFs, and Characters.

How to play

Interact with an NPC in the game using the Square button (PS4)/Y button (Switch). Doing so will initiate a challenge of Triple Triad from said NPC (not everyone plays Triple Triad. Is the NPC gives its normal response, it means that NPC does not play the game).

For more information on this mini-game and how it is played, see the links below.

Explanation of Triple Triad Triple Triad Rules

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