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Astro Bot Helped Launch the PS5, But May Explore Beyond It


Team Asobi expresses confidence in the Astro Bot IP, asserting that diverging from PlayStation poses no obstacle. Read on to explore their perspective and their journey with the platform.

Astro Bot’s Legacy of Innovation with PlayStation

PlayStation Absence Not a Concern for Future Astro Games


Nicolas Doucet, studio director at Team Asobi, developers of Astro Bot, emphasized the studio's willingness to diverge from the PlayStation ecosystem without losing the essence of their creations. In an interview with VGC during the Summer Game Fest, Doucet highlighted the studio's initial deliberations on whether to heavily associate with PlayStation for the future of the franchise.

"There were various opinions, with some questioning whether we should fly with our own wings and not be held back, but actually we decided it was the case that we were already doing that, but then also adding this layer of PlayStation because we can – and why not?" Doucet continues, "That was our mindset. If, in the future, we had an adventure that was all Astro and PlayStation wasn’t part of it, I don’t think that would be a problem. As long as the core elements and qualities of the game are great, then I think anything is possible."

As the developers of the beloved Astro Bot series, Team Asobi recognized the potential for their Intellectual Property (IP) to stand independently, unshackled from platform exclusivity. Doucet's confidence in the IP's flexibility suggests that Team Asobi is not closed to the idea of exploring new avenues beyond the PlayStation ecosystem, while retaining the core qualities that define their games.

Astro Bot's Evolution From Tech Demos to Full-fledged Adventures


In a different interview with IGN, Doucet delves into the evolution of the Astro Bot series, shedding light on the studio's approach to leveraging PlayStation technology while expanding the gameplay experience. Doucet articulates Team Asobi's commitment to evolving Astro Bot beyond its role as a hardware showcase, emphasizing the shift towards more substantial platforming experiences.

The new game will integrate diverse power-ups and gameplay mechanics underscoring the studio's dedication to enriching Astro Bot's gameplay beyond mere tech demonstrations. By incorporating player-driven features inspired by prototype demos, Team Asobi demonstrates a commitment to innovation while maintaining the charm and accessibility of the Astro Bot franchise.

Astrobot's Endearing Legacy within PlayStation


The history of Astrobot within the PlayStation ecosystem traces back to its inception as a tech demo and its subsequent evolution into a beloved franchise. As detailed by VGC, the upcoming release, 'Astro Bot', marks a significant milestone for the series, boasting a substantial increase in content and scope compared to its predecessors.

With over 80 levels spread across six galaxies and a plethora of PlayStation-themed robots to rescue, 'Astro Bot' promises to captivate players with its immersive platforming experience. Furthermore, the success of previous installments such as 'Astro Bot: Rescue Mission' for PS VR underscores the enduring appeal of the franchise, positioning it as a cornerstone of PlayStation's gaming catalog.

Astro Bot is coming this September 6, check out our article below to know more about the game:

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