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    DokeV Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


    Collect and fight alongside creatures and explore the world with DokeV, an upcoming creature-collecting open-world action-adventure game! Read on to learn about our first impressions of the game, its story, and gameplay.

    Everything We Know About DokeV

    DokeV Story Plot


    Collect creatures, fight monsters with your captured creatures, and explore an eye-catching world with DokeV! The creatures that live side-by-side with humans are called Dokebi, and they encourage people’s dreams and are their source of strength. With many activities to do, stories to tell, and Dokebis to befriend, it’s time to get ready to embark on a grand adventure!

    DokeV Gameplay


    Initially introduced as an MMO back in 2019, DokeV was confirmed to pivot from the MMO genre to an open-world action-adventure game instead. The game is primarily a creature collecting game with action-RPG-esque combat with the Dokebis you’ve captured. Furthermore, the game was shown to dial into the open-world aspect, where numerous ways to explore the world are available! Utilize gliders, monster mounts, skates, longboards, and more and be amazed at the world of DokeV!

    In the last known gameplay trailer from IGN, the game features a variety of fun weapons and colorful abilities to help you fight alongside your Dokebis. The game will have a blend of fast-paced action RPGs akin to games like Monster Hunter, Dauntless, and even Palworld, as it features both melee and ranged gameplay, all with fun and quirky animations and effects.

    DokeV Trailers

    IGN - Official Extended Gameplay Trailer | gamescom 2021

    The last trailer revealed for DokeV back in Gamescom 2021 shows more of the gameplay featuring more of the game’s action-RPG combat, creature collecting and battling, and exploration using different means of transportation.

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    DokeV Product Information

    DokeV Cover
    Title DOKEV
    Release Date TBA
    Developer Pearl Abyss
    Publisher Pearl Abyss
    Supported Platforms TBA
    Genre Action, Adventure, RPG
    Number of Players TBA
    ESRB Rating RP
    Official Website DokeV Website


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